Jeremy Borash is backstage with the World Elite. Apparently EY has been telling people there’s a chance that Hernandez will be joining the WE, and how he thinks that’s still possible. EY says that he cares about Hernandez because he’s their brother. EY says he isn’t even dressed to wrestle, and he will not touch him, and he’ll take his best shot to prove that he’s sincere. EY says Hernandez will come home to the WE.

Grudge Match
Eric Young vs. Hernandez Update

Eric Young is out first in a suit, followed by Hernandez who comes out with his Feast of Fired case in hand. Hernandez attacks Eric Young right off the bat, sending him over the ropes to the outside with a massive shoulder block. EY is still not fighting back. Back in the ring, Hernandez hits a big border toss and covers EY for the three count.

Winner: Hernandez