Kurt Angle is backstage with JB. Angle is talking about Morgan saying he’s big, bad and brainless. Angle says if height and body mass were the measure of a champion, Morgan would be the champion. Angle says that he guarantees tonight will not have a happy ending because it’s going to be real, damn real.

The Legends Championship vs. $50,000 Bounty
Kevin Nash (c) vs. Abyss

Mick Foley is first out as he goes to the announce table with his barbed wire wrapped bat. Abyss is out second to a decent pop from the crowd, Tenay references Abyss wearing flannel to the ring. Kevin Nash is out last to the ring where he checks out the money in the duffel bag before handing over his title to the referee.

Nash starts things off burying his knee in Abyss’ midsection and following up with a couple of elbows and forearms. Abyss ducks a lariat and fights back with a couple of strikes of his own, but he quickly falls victim to a big forearm that sends him to the mat. Nash pounds on Abyss in the corner and chokes him with his boot before continuing to bury his knee in Abyss’ midsection.

Abyss is able to fight back with a big splash on Nash, but a second attempt doesn’t go as well and Abyss ends up being clotheslined out to the floor. On the floor, Nash slams Abyss’ head into the steel steps and goes for a chair. Nash swings the chair, but Abyss moves and Nash connects with the ring post. Abyss uses the distraction to his advantage sending Nash into the barricade and hitting a head butt. Abyss rolls Nash back into the ring, and Dr. Stevie makes his way out to the ramp and sets up a chair. Nash uses this distraction to hit a big boot to change the momentum.

Nash continues to work over Abyss with a couple of big back elbows in the corner. Nash tries to set up for a chokeslam but Abyss fights out and hits a flying forearm to knock Nash to the mat. Abyss hits a big splash in the corner and follows it up with a sideslam; he gains a near fall that brings Stevie to the ring. Daffney is in the ring with a tazer, but she’s caught with a black hole slam instead. Abyss grabs the tazer and teases tazing Daffney, but Stevie comes in and takes the tazer.

Richards runs away and that allows Nash to whack Abyss in the back of the head with a chair, but when Nash goes for the pin Abyss kicks out. Nash tries for a jack knife powerbomb, but Abyss fights out and hits a chokeslam that’s only good for a two count. Abyss calls out to Foley to bring him the barbed wire bat and Foley tries to bring it to Abyss. While Abyss reaches for the bat, Nash tazes Abyss in the groin and Abyss falls to the mat. Nash covers Abyss and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL Legends Champion: Kevin Nash

After the match, Stevies grabs the cash out of Nash’s hands and Nash replies with a jack knife powerbomb. Nash walks out with the Legends Championship and the $50,000.