TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
ODB vs. Cody Deaner

Tenay and Taz have some technical difficulties, and they aren’t too professional in handling them (Tenay talks back to his producer). Apparently they’re dropping the tale of the tape and just going straight into the match. Deaner is out first to not much fanfare, but ODB gets a ton of support from the crowd when she comes out.

ODB rubs Deaner’s t-shirt and hat in her crotch before hitting him with a couple of chops. Deaner tries for one of his own, but ODB ducks it and hits a couple more chops. ODB chops Deaner until he begs her to stop, Deaner goes for a low blow, but it doesn’t affect ODB who comes back with another chop. Deaner bails to the outside but ODB follows with a cross body from the top rope.

Deaner tries to run up the entrance ramp but ODB brings him back to the ring, where she slams his head on the apron and sends him back in the ring. ODB goes for the dirty dozen, but Deaner grabs her leg and sweeps her off of the top turnbuckle. Deaner teases hitting ODB, but he pushes her to the mat instead.

Deaner chokes ODB on the middle rope and he hits a delayed body slam. Cody grabs ODB’s flask and takes a drink before climbing to the second rope, but when he jumps off, ODB gets a ‘crotch claw’ and sends Deaner across the ring. ODB connects with the dirty dozen and hits a Thesz press from the top rope; she goes for the pin but Deaner kicks out at two. Deaner goes for a quick pin with his legs on the ropes but the ref catches it. The ref and Deaner get into an argument with the ref shoving Deaner and it causes a near fall.

ODB goes for a sunset flip but Deaner gets to the ropes, instead of breaking it the ref kicks Deaners arms and causes another near fall. ODB gets Deaner on her shoulders but Deaner fights out and hits ODB with a big punch to the face. Deaner goes for the cover but ODB kicks out at two. Deaner goes to the top rope and dives off but ODB moves out of the way. ODB hits a big TKO and covers Deaner for the three count.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockout Champion: ODB

After the match, Lauren intervies ODB on the ramp. She says she may not like the women in the back, but she’s proud to honor the title, so let the party begin.