Event: TNA No Surrender Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, September 20th, 2009 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: Universal Studios Soundstage 21 in Orlando, FL
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TNA No Surrender Opener:

We get a video highlighting all of the feuds going into tonights PPV to start things off.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match
Taylor Wilde and Sarita vs. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne

Mike Tenay and Taz reference TNA and Angelina Love parting ways, to explain why Rayne is tagging with Sky once again. All four women are shown the tag team belts, and for some reason Earl Hebner makes his way to the ring to confront Slick Johnson. Henber sends Johnson to the back and it looks like Hebner will be refereeing this match.

Sarita and Wlde get the jump on the beautiful people and they’re able to keep their advantage, using some pretty impressive double team work. Rayne tags in and quickly falls victim to a drop toe hold from Wilde. Sarita tags in, but Rayne grabs her hair and sends her down to the mat. Rayne kicks away at Sarita in the corner and tags in Sky. The Beautiful People tie up Sarita’s arms and slam her to the mat.

Sky chokes Sarita with her boot and goes for the pin, but she can only get a two count. Rayne tags in and hits a quick neckbreaker, trying for an unsuccessful pin of her own. Sky tags in and Sarita gets a second win, hitting a big momentm changing DDT. Sarita tags out to Wilde who comes in and cleans house on the Beautiful People, hitting a big backbreaker on Rayne.

Wilde and Sarita hit a big double team finisher, Sarita hits a springboard dropkick right into a German suplex from Wilde. Wilde bridges into a pin and gets the three.

Winners and NEW Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Taylor Wilde and Sarita


Lauren is backstage with Taylor Wilde and Sarita. Wilde says she knew it, ever since she stepped into the Impact Zone with Sarita. Sarita says they plan on having the belts for a long time.


Jeremy Borash is backstage with the World Elite. Apparently EY has been telling people there’s a chance that Hernandez will be joining the WE, and how he thinks that’s still possible. EY says that he cares about Hernandez because he’s their brother. EY says he isn’t even dressed to wrestle, and he will not touch him, and he’ll take his best shot to prove that he’s sincere. EY says Hernandez will come home to the WE.

Grudge Match
Eric Young vs. Hernandez Update

Eric Young is out first in a suit, followed by Hernandez who comes out with his Feast of Fired case in hand. Hernandez attacks Eric Young right off the bat, sending him over the ropes to the outside with a massive shoulder block. EY is still not fighting back. Back in the ring, Hernandez hits a big border toss and covers EY for the three count.

Winner: Hernandez


JB is backstage with Matt Morgan, he reminds him that Angle said tonight it will be every man for himself. Morgan says no more tricks, no more head games, just pure violence. Morgan says tonight is about him and Angle. Morgan says tonight is what the world’s been waiting for. He says he can feel the burn in his hand from the torch he’s going to rip out of Angle’s hand.

TNA X Division Championship Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Daniels

Both men lock up and Daniels uses his speed to try and get the advantage over Joe, but ever a couple of dropkicks is unable to bring Joe to his knees. Joe takes Daniels down with a big shoulder block, and he sets Daniels up in the corner where he immediately beats him down with lefts and rights. Joe sets Daniels up on the top rope, but Daniels fights back and takes Joe down with a big hurricarana that sends Joe to the floor. Daniels is quick to follow out with a big dive through the ropes.

Back in the ring Daniels tries to make the most of his advantage with a neckbreaker. Daniels takes Joe to the corner and tries for another high risk move, but Joe catches Daniels and sends him straight down to the mat. Joe kicks Daniels square in the chest and drops a big knee before going for a cover, but Daniels is able to kick out at two. Joe locks in a nerve hold and the crowd is trying to get behind Daniels.

Daniels finally fights out of the submission, but he falls victim to another shoulder block, and Joe is right back to the nerve hold. Daniels fights out of the submission again, but the time gets hit with a big powerslam. Joe goes for a cover, but he can only get two.

Joe wails away on Daniels with some big chops, but Daniels fights back with a jawbreaker and a quick enzugiri. Daniels and Joe fight in the middle of the ring, with Daniels getting the advantage with a jumping leg lariat. Daniels hits a big bulldog and goes up to the top rope. Daniels hits a big guillotine leg drop and Joe rolls to the outside, where Daniels follows with a split leg moonsault.

Daniels has a hard time getting Joe back into the ring and Joe uses that to his advantage, sending Daniels into the ringpost, and then the steel steps. Joe puts Daniels on the ring apron and when Daniels stands up, Joe hits him with a clothesline to the back of the knee. Back in the ring, Daniels tries to fight back against Joe, but Joe uses an innovative knee buster to put Daniels back on the mat.

Joe locks in an ankle bar that causes Daniels to scream, but he’s able to make it to the ropes and force Joe to break the hold. Joe picks Daniels up and hits a big powerbomb, which he rolls over into the STF. Joe abandons the STF and locks in a single leg Boston crab, but Daniels in able to get into the ropes again and force a break.

Daniels is able to fight back with a neckbreaker and both men are down on the mat. Daniels is first to his feet and both men square off in the middle of the ring, with Daniels getting the upperhand with a flurry of offense. Daniels trips Joe and goes up top for a top rope clothesline which he quickly follows up with a pin but Joe kicks out at two. Daniels hits a lungblower, but again it’s only good for a near fall. Daniels tries for a suplex but Joe fights out and hits a big half nelson suplex which is only good for a near fall.

Daniels fights back with an STO and he tries for the BME but Joe moves out of the way. Daniels lands on his feet but Joe hits a kick to the head. Joe tries for the muscle buster but Daniels fights out. It’s just a crazy series of reversals, that culminates in Joe locking in the rear naked clutch. Joe wraps his legs around Daniels’ body and forces him to tap out.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Samoa Joe


JB is backstage with Mick Foley. He says Foley looks a little distraught. Foley says he walked into his office last week and someone destroyed the caricature of he and JB. Foley says you can’t just duplicate something like that. Foley says he will find the perpetrator and he will take action after he does guest commentary for the Nash/Abyss match.


Lauren is backstage with Dinero who talks about why the match is going to take place tonight. Dinero talks a bunch of nonsense, that prompts Lauren to ask him what he’s talking about. Dinero drinks some 6 hour Power drink and Suicide attacks him from behind and I guess this match is on.

Falls Count Anywhere
D’Angelo Dinero vs. Suicide

Suicide and Dinero brawl out in the back and Dinero throws Suicide into a wall before climbing some boxes backstage and hitting a big elbow drop.

Suicide fights back and locks in a small package but Dinero is able to kick out at two. This really isn’t anything more that just a fight. Dinero sits Suicide down in a chair and he beats on him. Dinero charges Suicide but he gets backdropped into a trash dumpster where Suicide gets a near fall. Dinero gets into a golf cart and he tries to run over Suicide, but Suicide dodges is and pulls Pope out, continuing the brawl all around the backstage area.

The two men finally make their way into the Impact Zone where Dinero is able to get the jump on Suicide. Dinero lays Suicide’s head on the ring bell and hits it with the hammer. Things finally move into the ring where Suicide hits a springboard missile dropkick that scores him a near fall. Pope rolls to the outside where he’s caught with a springboard crossbody.

Suicide goes for a table, but Dinero is able to stop him with a dropkick through the ropes. Dinero sets up the table next to the ramp and he hits a big suplex on the ramp. Dinero tries for a cover, but Suicide kicks out at two. Dinero tries to suplex Suicide off the ramp onto the table, but Suicide fights out and takes Dinero down with a clothesline. Suicide tries for his finisher, but Dinero fights out. Dinero almost knocks Suicide off the ramp, but instead he catches Dinero with a big dropkick.

Suicide goes backstage and brings out another table which he sets up on the entrance ramp. Suicide hits a Finlay roll on the entrance ramp after going for it once and failing. Suicide puts Dinero on the table and Suicide looks to the top of the entrance tube that the wrestlers come out of. Suicide goes to the top of the entrance tube and he comes off with a big leg drop but Dinero moves out of the way. Dinero covers Suicide and the ref counts to three.

Winner: D’Angelo Dinero

TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
ODB vs. Cody Deaner

Tenay and Taz have some technical difficulties, and they aren’t too professional in handling them (Tenay talks back to his producer). Apparently they’re dropping the tale of the tape and just going straight into the match. Deaner is out first to not much fanfare, but ODB gets a ton of support from the crowd when she comes out.

ODB rubs Deaner’s t-shirt and hat in her crotch before hitting him with a couple of chops. Deaner tries for one of his own, but ODB ducks it and hits a couple more chops. ODB chops Deaner until he begs her to stop, Deaner goes for a low blow, but it doesn’t affect ODB who comes back with another chop. Deaner bails to the outside but ODB follows with a cross body from the top rope.

Deaner tries to run up the entrance ramp but ODB brings him back to the ring, where she slams his head on the apron and sends him back in the ring. ODB goes for the dirty dozen, but Deaner grabs her leg and sweeps her off of the top turnbuckle. Deaner teases hitting ODB, but he pushes her to the mat instead.

Deaner chokes ODB on the middle rope and he hits a delayed body slam. Cody grabs ODB’s flask and takes a drink before climbing to the second rope, but when he jumps off, ODB gets a ‘crotch claw’ and sends Deaner across the ring. ODB connects with the dirty dozen and hits a Thesz press from the top rope; she goes for the pin but Deaner kicks out at two. Deaner goes for a quick pin with his legs on the ropes but the ref catches it. The ref and Deaner get into an argument with the ref shoving Deaner and it causes a near fall.

ODB goes for a sunset flip but Deaner gets to the ropes, instead of breaking it the ref kicks Deaners arms and causes another near fall. ODB gets Deaner on her shoulders but Deaner fights out and hits ODB with a big punch to the face. Deaner goes for the cover but ODB kicks out at two. Deaner goes to the top rope and dives off but ODB moves out of the way. ODB hits a big TKO and covers Deaner for the three count.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockout Champion: ODB

After the match, Lauren intervies ODB on the ramp. She says she may not like the women in the back, but she’s proud to honor the title, so let the party begin.


Kurt Angle is backstage with JB. Angle is talking about Morgan saying he’s big, bad and brainless. Angle says if height and body mass were the measure of a champion, Morgan would be the champion. Angle says that he guarantees tonight will not have a happy ending because it’s going to be real, damn real.

The Legends Championship vs. $50,000 Bounty
Kevin Nash (c) vs. Abyss

Mick Foley is first out as he goes to the announce table with his barbed wire wrapped bat. Abyss is out second to a decent pop from the crowd, Tenay references Abyss wearing flannel to the ring. Kevin Nash is out last to the ring where he checks out the money in the duffel bag before handing over his title to the referee.

Nash starts things off burying his knee in Abyss’ midsection and following up with a couple of elbows and forearms. Abyss ducks a lariat and fights back with a couple of strikes of his own, but he quickly falls victim to a big forearm that sends him to the mat. Nash pounds on Abyss in the corner and chokes him with his boot before continuing to bury his knee in Abyss’ midsection.

Abyss is able to fight back with a big splash on Nash, but a second attempt doesn’t go as well and Abyss ends up being clotheslined out to the floor. On the floor, Nash slams Abyss’ head into the steel steps and goes for a chair. Nash swings the chair, but Abyss moves and Nash connects with the ring post. Abyss uses the distraction to his advantage sending Nash into the barricade and hitting a head butt. Abyss rolls Nash back into the ring, and Dr. Stevie makes his way out to the ramp and sets up a chair. Nash uses this distraction to hit a big boot to change the momentum.

Nash continues to work over Abyss with a couple of big back elbows in the corner. Nash tries to set up for a chokeslam but Abyss fights out and hits a flying forearm to knock Nash to the mat. Abyss hits a big splash in the corner and follows it up with a sideslam; he gains a near fall that brings Stevie to the ring. Daffney is in the ring with a tazer, but she’s caught with a black hole slam instead. Abyss grabs the tazer and teases tazing Daffney, but Stevie comes in and takes the tazer.

Richards runs away and that allows Nash to whack Abyss in the back of the head with a chair, but when Nash goes for the pin Abyss kicks out. Nash tries for a jack knife powerbomb, but Abyss fights out and hits a chokeslam that’s only good for a two count. Abyss calls out to Foley to bring him the barbed wire bat and Foley tries to bring it to Abyss. While Abyss reaches for the bat, Nash tazes Abyss in the groin and Abyss falls to the mat. Nash covers Abyss and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL Legends Champion: Kevin Nash

After the match, Stevies grabs the cash out of Nash’s hands and Nash replies with a jack knife powerbomb. Nash walks out with the Legends Championship and the $50,000.


JB is backstage with Scott Stiener and Booker T, he asks them about their relationship with the British Invasion. Stiener says that they don’t like any foreigners and that the BI better just stay out of their way. Booker says that they’re the best in the business and they want to lock them in a cage with weapons. Booker and Steiner both yell ‘Can you dig it’ in Borash’s face before they leave.

TNA Lethal Lockdown
Beer Money, Inc. vs. Team 3D vs. Scott Steiner & Booker T vs. The British Invasion

Entrant Number One in the Match is Doug Williams who makes his way to the ring wearing the IWGP Championship around his neck.

James Storm is the first participant for his team, and Williams makes his way to the ramp and the fight is on. Storm spits beer in Williams’ face and hip tosses him on the ramp before throwing him into the barricade and hitting his face on the steel stairs. On the way into the ring, Williams is able to watch Storm off guard with a knee to the sternum. Both men try to send each other into the cage, but neither is able to.

Storm goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a modified DDT on Williams. Storm tries for a cover, but covers don’t count right now. Williams fights back against Storm hitting him with a European uppercut and choking Storm with his t-shirt. Storm fights back against Williams and catches him with a back body drop. Storm hits the eye of the Storm and grabs the t-shirt choking Williams.

Williams fights out with a low blow and tries for a suplex, but Storm won’t budge and he hits a clothesline instead. Williams tries to send Storm into the cage but Storm blocks so he hits a European uppercut instead. Storm begins to fight back at the ten second mark and he sends Williams into the cage and chokes him with his boot.

The next participant is Brutus Magnus.

Storm kicks the cage into Magnus’ face, but the BI counter. Williams whips Storm into the door and Magnus slams the door into his face. Williams and Magnus double team Storm, posing in the ring and catching big time heat from the crowd. BI send Storm into the cage and Storm is cut open.

The next participant is Robert Roode.

Roode runs down to the ring and leans house on the British Invasion. Roode backdrops Williams and hits Magnus with a spinebuster to turn the tide of the match. BMI hit a double team catapault DDT. BMI double team Magnus and get their chance to pose in the middle of the ring. BMI go for a double suplex on Williams, but Magnus breaks things up. BMI change things up and hit an atomic drop back stabber combo.

The next participant is Scott Steiner.

Steiner runs to the ring and the tide turns once again as he comes in and hits a big suplex on Storm. Stiener charges Roode into the corner where he gets caught with a boot. Roode goes to the top turnbuckle, but Stiener catches him with a Frakensteiner. Stiener and BI use Storm and Rood as battering rams sending them both face first into the cage walls.

The next participant is Brother D-Von.

D-Von comes into the ring and it’s his turn to clean house. He takes down Stiener with a shoulder block and uses a modified Thesz press to take out Magnus. D-Von chokes Steiner with his boot and this match has just become a whole lot harder to cover. D-Von and BMI continue to dominate, as D-Von and Roode take out Steiner with a double clothesline.

The next participant is Booker T.

Booker T is slow to make his way to the ring, instead he decides to pose at the top of the ring. Booker T makes his way into the ring and takes down Roode first, and D-Von second, since it’s his turn to change the momentum. Booker hits Storm with a big kick while Stiener squeezes Roodes head in the cage door.

The last participant is Brother Ray.

Ray is attacked by Big Rob from the BI who knocks Bubba into the crowd and attacks him with a chair.

Big Rob forces the technician to lower the top of the cage with the weapons and the BI and MEM continue to dominate D-Von and BMI. Brother Ray is still down on the floor and the heels go to the top of the cage to grab some weapons.

Brother Ray finally makes his way back to his feet and hits Big Rob with a chair, Ray makes his way into the ring and takes out all of the heels with chair shots, since it’s his turn and all. Bubba hits the heels with another round of chair shots before putting a trash can in between Booker’s legs and slamming it with a crutch. Magnus climbs out to the top of the cage and Storm follows him out where they fight. Magnus sends Storm to the side of the cage and Storm is barely hanging on. Roode is on the top of the cage and he saves his partner by hitting Magnus with a crutch. BMI hit Magnus with a big double team suplex on top of the cage.

In the ring, Stiener falls victim to a 3D, but Booker hits Bubba with a trash can lid and follows it up with a Book end. Booker tries to hit Roode with a trash can, but he accidentally hits Williams. Storm sets Booker up for a blockbuster from Roode. BMI hit a DWI on Williams and Storm gets the pin, securing the win for his team.

Winners: Team 3D and Beer Money Inc.


Lauren is backstage with Rhino, she asks him if he has any comments about his match with Lashley tonight. Rhino says he doesn’t care about MMA because real men lace up wrestling boots. He says when you look out there you don’t see an octagon, you see a TNA wrestling ring. Rhino says Lashley is in his house and he won’t have gloves or kick pads. He says people call him the war machine because he’s an animal and he won’t quit; also because he doesn’t feel any pain and because tonight he’s going to rip Lashley in half with a gore.

Bobby Lashley vs. Rhino

Rhino tries to get the jump on Lashley at the bell, but Lashley blocks and unleashes a flurry of strikes on Rhino. Lashley hits a big snap suplex and he tries for a splash in the corner but Rhino gets his elbow up. Lashley hits a shoulder block that sends Rhino to the floor. Lashley follows and he slams Rhino’s head on the ring apron. Rhino sends Lashley into the steel guard rail.

Rhino sends Lashley back into the ring where Lashley starts to fight back, but he gets caught with a spinebuster. Rhino pounds on Lashley in the corner and he chokes Lashley to draw a bit of heat from the crowd.

Rhino chokes Lashley with his boot and hits a knee drop. Rhino locks in a rear chin lock in the middle of the ring and the crowd tries to get behind Lashley. Lashley fights out of the submission, but he gets cut off by a clothesline from Rhino.

Rhino goes back to the rear chin lock as he tries to wear Lashley down. Lashley fights out again and this time he catches Rhino with a back elbow and both men are down.

Rhino tries to charge Lashley in the corner but Lashley moves and hits a hip toss. Lashley charges Rhino in the corner and buries his shoulder in Rhino’s midsection with some big shoulder blocks. Lashley picks Rhino up and takes him down with a modified gut buster and Rhino is busted open. Lashley goes for the gore but Rhino moves the ref in the way. Rhino hits the gore and another ref is in but Lashley kicks out. Rhino goes for another gore, but Lashley catches him with a knockout punch. Lashley pins Rhino and gets three count.

Winner: Bobby Lashley


JB is backstage with AJ Styles and Sting. He asks Styles where his mind is at. AJ says he only has one thing on his mind, winning. AJ says Sting woke him up from the funk that he way in. AJ says he’s going to go out and prove that he’s the best in the world at what he does. Both he and Sting only have one goes, to walk out of the building TNA Champion. Sting says he hopes tonight will be, for one of them, the first day of the rest of their lives.

TNA Championship Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Sting vs. AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan

Knowing TNA, it’s going to be a good long while before this match starts, as they like to do long, long, excruciatingly long build ups to their title matches.

Because individual video packages, and a video package about the match and the four men involved, we also get nice, very professional ring introductions from Jeremy Borash, who is determined to make sure this match does not start before 10:30. BORING!

Before Borash announces Angle’s name, Hernandez’s music hits and he says he didn’t come all the way here to wrestle for five minutes, so he’s cashing in his Feast of Fired case. Hernandez is in this match! 10:32.

Angle slaps Hernandez in the face, so Big Mex responds by shoulder blocking Angle across the ring, and the just throwing him to the other side. Hernandez hits a big, big delayed suplex and everyone else just stands by watching. Hernandez hold Angle up for over 30 seconds before finally dropping him down.

Hernandez sends Angle to the outside and follows and Sting and AJ team up on Morgan in the ring. Morgan fights back against Sting and AJ and TNA goes to their horrible split screen that makes things 20 times harder to cover.

Hernandez and Angle fight out the the entrance ramp where Hernandez almost hits a border toss before Eric Young makes his way out, hits Hernandez with a pipe to the knee and follows it up with a piledriver on the ramp.

Sting and Angle beat on Morgan in the ring and they hit a double suplex on Morgan. Sting and AJ square off in the ring while people check on Hernandez on the ramp. In the ring, AJ hits Sting with a beautiful dropkick. AJ jumps off the apron on top of Angle.

Angle and Morgan decide to team up against Sting and AJ. Sting and Morgan fight on the outside while AJ and Angle fight in the ring. Angle goes for a piledriver but AJ counters, but Angle counters that with an ankle lock, but AJ is able to fight out and send Angle to the floor where he sends him to his back with a headscissors. Morgan and Sting make their way into the ring where Morgan knocks Sting around in the corner with some nasty elbows before just dropping Sting to the mat.

Angle and Morgan gang up on Sting, taking turns pounding on him. AJ tries to make his way back into the ring but he’s cut off by Angle. AJ makes his way back into the ring with a springboard clothesline to Angle and AJ starts to work over Morgan. Morgan catches AJ though and hits him with a big fall away slam. Morgan stands up just in time to catch a couple of kicks to the knee from Sting, who then sends Angle to the outside with a clothesline over the top rope.

AJ starts to work over Morgan in the corner but he turns right around into a big suplex from Angle. Angle sends Sting to the outside and he and Morgan continue to double team AJ. Morgan and Angle take turns trying to top each other, seeing who can harm Styles more, but AJ is able to sidestep Angle, causing him to run shoulder first into the ring post, Morgan is left the last man standing in the ring though when he takes AJ down.

Morgan gets a near fall on Styles, but Styles is able to connect on a Pele out of nowhere that sends Morgan to the floor. Styles gets caught by a German suplex from Angle, but Angle immediately gets caught by a missile dropkick from Sting. Sting fights off both Angle and Morgan, hitting both with body slams before hitting them with Stinger splashes in the corner.

Angle goes for the Angle slam, but Styles counters into the Styles clash. AJ goes for the pin, but Morgan is able to break it up before three. AJ and Morgan fight in the ring, AJ goes to the second rope and jumps off but Morgan catches him with a big boot. Morgan connects with the hellavator on AJ and goes for the pin but Sting breaks it up.

Sting connects with a scorpion death drop on Morgan but when he goes for a pin it’s broken up by Angle. Sting goes for the scorpion death lock on Angle but Angle counters with the ankle lock. Morgan breaks up the submission with the carbon footprint to apron. Morgan charges Sting but Sting sends Morgan to the floor with a low bridge. Sting goes to the floor to go for Morgan, AJ hits a springboard 450 splash, pins Angle and gets the three count!

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: AJ Styles