JB is backstage with Matt Morgan, he reminds him that Angle said tonight it will be every man for himself. Morgan says no more tricks, no more head games, just pure violence. Morgan says tonight is about him and Angle. Morgan says tonight is what the world’s been waiting for. He says he can feel the burn in his hand from the torch he’s going to rip out of Angle’s hand.

TNA X Division Championship Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Daniels

Both men lock up and Daniels uses his speed to try and get the advantage over Joe, but ever a couple of dropkicks is unable to bring Joe to his knees. Joe takes Daniels down with a big shoulder block, and he sets Daniels up in the corner where he immediately beats him down with lefts and rights. Joe sets Daniels up on the top rope, but Daniels fights back and takes Joe down with a big hurricarana that sends Joe to the floor. Daniels is quick to follow out with a big dive through the ropes.

Back in the ring Daniels tries to make the most of his advantage with a neckbreaker. Daniels takes Joe to the corner and tries for another high risk move, but Joe catches Daniels and sends him straight down to the mat. Joe kicks Daniels square in the chest and drops a big knee before going for a cover, but Daniels is able to kick out at two. Joe locks in a nerve hold and the crowd is trying to get behind Daniels.

Daniels finally fights out of the submission, but he falls victim to another shoulder block, and Joe is right back to the nerve hold. Daniels fights out of the submission again, but the time gets hit with a big powerslam. Joe goes for a cover, but he can only get two.

Joe wails away on Daniels with some big chops, but Daniels fights back with a jawbreaker and a quick enzugiri. Daniels and Joe fight in the middle of the ring, with Daniels getting the advantage with a jumping leg lariat. Daniels hits a big bulldog and goes up to the top rope. Daniels hits a big guillotine leg drop and Joe rolls to the outside, where Daniels follows with a split leg moonsault.

Daniels has a hard time getting Joe back into the ring and Joe uses that to his advantage, sending Daniels into the ringpost, and then the steel steps. Joe puts Daniels on the ring apron and when Daniels stands up, Joe hits him with a clothesline to the back of the knee. Back in the ring, Daniels tries to fight back against Joe, but Joe uses an innovative knee buster to put Daniels back on the mat.

Joe locks in an ankle bar that causes Daniels to scream, but he’s able to make it to the ropes and force Joe to break the hold. Joe picks Daniels up and hits a big powerbomb, which he rolls over into the STF. Joe abandons the STF and locks in a single leg Boston crab, but Daniels in able to get into the ropes again and force a break.

Daniels is able to fight back with a neckbreaker and both men are down on the mat. Daniels is first to his feet and both men square off in the middle of the ring, with Daniels getting the upperhand with a flurry of offense. Daniels trips Joe and goes up top for a top rope clothesline which he quickly follows up with a pin but Joe kicks out at two. Daniels hits a lungblower, but again it’s only good for a near fall. Daniels tries for a suplex but Joe fights out and hits a big half nelson suplex which is only good for a near fall.

Daniels fights back with an STO and he tries for the BME but Joe moves out of the way. Daniels lands on his feet but Joe hits a kick to the head. Joe tries for the muscle buster but Daniels fights out. It’s just a crazy series of reversals, that culminates in Joe locking in the rear naked clutch. Joe wraps his legs around Daniels’ body and forces him to tap out.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Samoa Joe