JB is backstage with Scott Stiener and Booker T, he asks them about their relationship with the British Invasion. Stiener says that they don’t like any foreigners and that the BI better just stay out of their way. Booker says that they’re the best in the business and they want to lock them in a cage with weapons. Booker and Steiner both yell ‘Can you dig it’ in Borash’s face before they leave.

TNA Lethal Lockdown
Beer Money, Inc. vs. Team 3D vs. Scott Steiner & Booker T vs. The British Invasion

Entrant Number One in the Match is Doug Williams who makes his way to the ring wearing the IWGP Championship around his neck.

James Storm is the first participant for his team, and Williams makes his way to the ramp and the fight is on. Storm spits beer in Williams’ face and hip tosses him on the ramp before throwing him into the barricade and hitting his face on the steel stairs. On the way into the ring, Williams is able to watch Storm off guard with a knee to the sternum. Both men try to send each other into the cage, but neither is able to.

Storm goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a modified DDT on Williams. Storm tries for a cover, but covers don’t count right now. Williams fights back against Storm hitting him with a European uppercut and choking Storm with his t-shirt. Storm fights back against Williams and catches him with a back body drop. Storm hits the eye of the Storm and grabs the t-shirt choking Williams.

Williams fights out with a low blow and tries for a suplex, but Storm won’t budge and he hits a clothesline instead. Williams tries to send Storm into the cage but Storm blocks so he hits a European uppercut instead. Storm begins to fight back at the ten second mark and he sends Williams into the cage and chokes him with his boot.

The next participant is Brutus Magnus.

Storm kicks the cage into Magnus’ face, but the BI counter. Williams whips Storm into the door and Magnus slams the door into his face. Williams and Magnus double team Storm, posing in the ring and catching big time heat from the crowd. BI send Storm into the cage and Storm is cut open.

The next participant is Robert Roode.

Roode runs down to the ring and leans house on the British Invasion. Roode backdrops Williams and hits Magnus with a spinebuster to turn the tide of the match. BMI hit a double team catapault DDT. BMI double team Magnus and get their chance to pose in the middle of the ring. BMI go for a double suplex on Williams, but Magnus breaks things up. BMI change things up and hit an atomic drop back stabber combo.

The next participant is Scott Steiner.

Steiner runs to the ring and the tide turns once again as he comes in and hits a big suplex on Storm. Stiener charges Roode into the corner where he gets caught with a boot. Roode goes to the top turnbuckle, but Stiener catches him with a Frakensteiner. Stiener and BI use Storm and Rood as battering rams sending them both face first into the cage walls.

The next participant is Brother D-Von.

D-Von comes into the ring and it’s his turn to clean house. He takes down Stiener with a shoulder block and uses a modified Thesz press to take out Magnus. D-Von chokes Steiner with his boot and this match has just become a whole lot harder to cover. D-Von and BMI continue to dominate, as D-Von and Roode take out Steiner with a double clothesline.

The next participant is Booker T.

Booker T is slow to make his way to the ring, instead he decides to pose at the top of the ring. Booker T makes his way into the ring and takes down Roode first, and D-Von second, since it’s his turn to change the momentum. Booker hits Storm with a big kick while Stiener squeezes Roodes head in the cage door.

The last participant is Brother Ray.

Ray is attacked by Big Rob from the BI who knocks Bubba into the crowd and attacks him with a chair.

Big Rob forces the technician to lower the top of the cage with the weapons and the BI and MEM continue to dominate D-Von and BMI. Brother Ray is still down on the floor and the heels go to the top of the cage to grab some weapons.

Brother Ray finally makes his way back to his feet and hits Big Rob with a chair, Ray makes his way into the ring and takes out all of the heels with chair shots, since it’s his turn and all. Bubba hits the heels with another round of chair shots before putting a trash can in between Booker’s legs and slamming it with a crutch. Magnus climbs out to the top of the cage and Storm follows him out where they fight. Magnus sends Storm to the side of the cage and Storm is barely hanging on. Roode is on the top of the cage and he saves his partner by hitting Magnus with a crutch. BMI hit Magnus with a big double team suplex on top of the cage.

In the ring, Stiener falls victim to a 3D, but Booker hits Bubba with a trash can lid and follows it up with a Book end. Booker tries to hit Roode with a trash can, but he accidentally hits Williams. Storm sets Booker up for a blockbuster from Roode. BMI hit a DWI on Williams and Storm gets the pin, securing the win for his team.

Winners: Team 3D and Beer Money Inc.