TNA No Surrender Opener:

We get a video highlighting all of the feuds going into tonights PPV to start things off.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match
Taylor Wilde and Sarita vs. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne

Mike Tenay and Taz reference TNA and Angelina Love parting ways, to explain why Rayne is tagging with Sky once again. All four women are shown the tag team belts, and for some reason Earl Hebner makes his way to the ring to confront Slick Johnson. Henber sends Johnson to the back and it looks like Hebner will be refereeing this match.

Sarita and Wlde get the jump on the beautiful people and they’re able to keep their advantage, using some pretty impressive double team work. Rayne tags in and quickly falls victim to a drop toe hold from Wilde. Sarita tags in, but Rayne grabs her hair and sends her down to the mat. Rayne kicks away at Sarita in the corner and tags in Sky. The Beautiful People tie up Sarita’s arms and slam her to the mat.

Sky chokes Sarita with her boot and goes for the pin, but she can only get a two count. Rayne tags in and hits a quick neckbreaker, trying for an unsuccessful pin of her own. Sky tags in and Sarita gets a second win, hitting a big momentm changing DDT. Sarita tags out to Wilde who comes in and cleans house on the Beautiful People, hitting a big backbreaker on Rayne.

Wilde and Sarita hit a big double team finisher, Sarita hits a springboard dropkick right into a German suplex from Wilde. Wilde bridges into a pin and gets the three.

Winners and NEW Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Taylor Wilde and Sarita