Hey this Diamond Day-V...went to Breaking Point at the Bell Centre in Montreal last night...i was sitting five rows up from the floor facing the titatron.

-Huge opening pop for Jr and The King...Lawler actually got "Jerry, Jerry" chants, and acted suprised to hear them.

-Dark match was Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero with the help of Hornswaggle...meh match...

-Opening match was good, with lots of "Big Show" and "Y2J" chants. The heels' tactics were booed tho.

-Everyone was very suprised to hear the Miz speak french. Pretty decent too. OK pop for Kofi Kingston, but people were really into the thunder clap.

-Dx comes out to huuuuuuuge applause, however when they stepped into the ring, HUGE "You screwed Bret" chants. Triple H's speech was appreciated by the live crowd, and people ate it up when HBK said the "Two words" part. The match was really good, although when they went backstage or into the crowd, the people booed. The ending, with Rhodes hooking in Bret Hart's move was pretty clever.

-Lots of "Boring" chants during Orton's interview.

-The singabore cane match was downright awful. "You can't wrestle" and "Boring" chants. A lot of people used this match as a bathroom break. The chokeslam was decent however. Kane didn't set off his pyro, so I was pretty sad. Great sign behind me, "See No Evil was the worst movie I've ever seen"

-Christian came out to a huge pop, fans love him here. The match with Regal was here, with chants of "Va Chier Regal" (Go to hell, loosely translated).

-HUGE pop for Patterson, he basically said in french that although he's been travelling the globe for 50 years, he's always called Montreal his home. Ziggler comes out and basically cuts a horrid promo...senior citizen jokes? Really? People booed more so for boredom than for real heel heat. Morrison's save kinda sucked as well...

-Now i'm gonna say this...people in Montreal boo with the best of them. I don't know how it sounded on tv, but the boos for Cena we're extremely loud. I'd say it was 70% boos for his entrance. However when he won the title, the crowd popped pretty loud, and the boos were shut out by the cheering. He deserved it for those cane shots. Huge back and forth chants of "Lets go Cena" and "Let's go Orton" It was an awesome match, however it felt very short, then ending coming out of nowhere.

-Undertaker and CM Punk. What can I say. Huge Pop for Undertaker, pretty horrible ending if you ask me. God, are they going to recycle the screwjob ending EVERY time they come to Montreal? Bret-Shawn, Hogan-Rock back in 2002 or 2003, then now Punk-Taker. People booed loudly and shot glow sticks, but moreso out of "That was lame" then anything else. And maybe it's just me, but if it was such a tragedy, why the hell did Undertaker just watch CM Punk and Teddy Long celebrate on the top ramp? Realistically, Taker would of just ran up and caught up to at least one of them backstage. Pretty much EVERYBODY saw this one coming. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame, and I can't say that enough. Who wrote this crap? Storyline wise, will Vince McMahon really say, "Hey Teddy, excellent suprise! I really didnt' see that one coming at all, and screwing over our most loyal and loved employee for no reason is reaaaaaaaally excellent! You saved your job buddy!" God so lame.

-Lillian Garcia thanked us for coming.\

-Apart from the ending, people really loved the show live. It was great atmosphere, and people were very satisfied.

Biggest Pops:

-Pat Patterson

Biggest Heat:

-John Cena
-The Miz

Thanks to JF Lachance for these live notes from last night's Breaking Point pay-per-view in Montreal:
Just got back from Breaking Point and I thought you might share this with others on the website:

-Indeed I saw Sylvain Grenier at the show. He was sitting in front of me, ringside, 3rd row from the rail. I saw him left 3 times running fast. He was probably sitting with his girlfriend each time leaving her alone at the end of a match. Funny thing, the first time he came back to his seat he got caught by security asking him his ticket to his seat!

- There was a brochette of strippers look a like in front of holding a "We love Maryse" sign. They left several time during the show. Maryse's related?

- Good part of the Bell center was tarped, but the crowd was still very loud and entertaining. At one point everyone was screaming "Va chier Reagal" which is the equivalent of "F*** Y** Regal" in French. Lots of mixed reaction for Orton and Cena; both very loud!

- After Camera went off the air, Taker stood up in the ring pissed and mumbling. walking around a few times, then left. Nothing really happened of interests.

- When I left the Bell Center, I was side by side with a PT Cruiser driven by Arn Anderson; they were 3 others with him and I was able to identify Ricky Steamboat in the front passenger seat. My guess is the 2 others were also road agents. They were driving 30km/h over the limit on the highway towards Ontario. They were not sleeping in Montreal I guess driving to Toronto I guess.