WWE Breaking Point: DX vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

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DX vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

During HHH's pre-match speech, there was a loud "You Screwed Bret" chant. HHH acknowledged it, saying there was an incident a few years ago that some people can't let go, and then joked that it was all HBK's fault.

The match went outside right off the bat, with DX gaining the early advantage. They started working their way through the aisles, with HHH and Rhodes battling it out at a concession stand. HBK and Dibiase joined them shortly after, and HHH and HBK locked in stereo figure four leglocks.

They then fought back towards the ring, fighting along the way in the stands. Back at ringside, Triple H positioned Rhodes through a chair, and locked in a Boston crab, while HBK locked a camel clutch on Rhodes from the front. Dibiase made the save and Legacy gained the advantage.

At one point, HBK and Rhodes were fighting high up in the stands. Rhodes threw him off onto a gimmicked platform, taking him out of the match for awhile leaving it as HHH vs. both members of Legacy.

HHH was still able to make it competitive (surprise!), and he and Legacy fought to the back. Finally Dibiase was able to knock HHH out with a loaded cooler, and they nailed him with a chairshot. They went back to rindside and found Michaels at the top of the ramp. They dragged Michaels back to the ring and continued to work him over.

During the beatdown, HBK was able to hit Rhodes with sweet chin music, and HHH was shown making his way to his feet in the back. HBK continued to battle both members of Legacy for awhile. They got Michaels in the corner, and Rhodes locked in a figure four leglock on Michaels with his legs wrapped around the ringpost. HHH was shown on the ramp crawling back to ringside. Dibiase locked in dreamstreet, so Michaels was in a double submission. Before HHH could make it the ring, Michaels tapped and Legacy won the match clean.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase

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