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Unified Tag Team Championship
Mark Henry & MVP vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show

MVP changed his attire a little. It's pretty much the same except without the sleeves. During an exchange between Henry and Big Show, the crowd was decidedly behind Big Show. When MVP was in the ring though, the fans were behind MVP.

The beginning of the match saw Show and Jericho mostly work over Henry.

Later in the match, Jericho went for the codebreaker, but Henry caught Jericho and threw him over his head. He turned around for a second and was nailed by a knockout blow from Show. That allowed Jericho to make the cover and pin Henry.

Winner and still WWE Unified Tag Team Champions: Big Show and Chris Jericho

Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase were interviewed backstage and said they were going to make DX tap for the first time over. They said DX was the past, and DX was the future.

United States Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz

Kofi started the match with a lot of cool high flying moves. Miz gained the advantage and dominated for several moments.

Good match with both men looking strong. The finish saw Kofi hit the Trouble In Paradise to get the clean pin.

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Kofi Kingston

Submissions Count Anywhere Match
DX vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

During HHH's pre-match speech, there was a loud "You Screwed Bret" chant. HHH acknowledged it, saying there was an incident a few years ago that some people can't let go, and then joked that it was all HBK's fault.

The match went outside right off the bat, with DX gaining the early advantage. They started working their way through the aisles, with HHH and Rhodes battling it out at a concession stand. HBK and Dibiase joined them shortly after, and HHH and HBK locked in stereo figure four leglocks.

They then fought back towards the ring, fighting along the way in the stands. Back at ringside, Triple H positioned Rhodes through a chair, and locked in a Boston crab, while HBK locked a camel clutch on Rhodes from the front. Dibiase made the save and Legacy gained the advantage.

At one point, HBK and Rhodes were fighting high up in the stands. Rhodes threw him off onto a gimmicked platform, taking him out of the match for awhile leaving it as HHH vs. both members of Legacy.

HHH was still able to make it competitive (surprise!), and he and Legacy fought to the back. Finally Dibiase was able to knock HHH out with a loaded cooler, and they nailed him with a chairshot. They went back to rindside and found Michaels at the top of the ramp. They dragged Michaels back to the ring and continued to work him over.

During the beatdown, HBK was able to hit Rhodes with sweet chin music, and HHH was shown making his way to his feet in the back. HBK continued to battle both members of Legacy for awhile. They got Michaels in the corner, and Rhodes locked in a figure four leglock on Michaels with his legs wrapped around the ringpost. HHH was shown on the ramp crawling back to ringside. Dibiase locked in dreamstreet, so Michaels was in a double submission. Before HHH could make it the ring, Michaels tapped and Legacy won the match clean.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase

Randy Orton was interviewed backstage. Nothing really noteworthy, just Orton saying that he was going to make John Cena say "I Quit".

A Hell In A Cell PPV promo aired.

Singapore Cane Match
The Great Khali vs. Kane

Fans started crapping on this match right from the start. Kane got the early advantage, working over Khali with the cane.

Later in the match, Khali hit Kane with a chop to the head and got a two-count. He then went for the death grip, but Kane hit Khali upside the head with a cane to get out of it. He then climbed to the top and hit Khali with a cane shot while flying off, but only got a two count.

Rankin Singh came in and hit Kane with a cane, annoying Kane. Kane used the distraction to get a chokeslam and get the three count to end this atrocity.

Winner via pinfall: Kane

CM Punk was interviewed backstage. Punk made reference to Hardy's arrest, and said you would never see his mugshot in a newspaper. During the interview, the lights went out and Punk got freaked out. It turned out to be Jimmy Wang Yang messing with him, and Punk went on to put a beatdown on Yang. He finished the promo saying he's not worried about the Undertaker, and the Undertaker should be scared about him.

ECW Championship
Christian vs. William Regal

ECW GM Tiffany ordered Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov to the back.

Regal dominated the majority of the match with various submission holds.

The two tried their best and had a good match, but the crowd just wasn't into it. Christian won the match clean after hitting the killswitch.

Winner and STILL ECW Champion: Christian

A promo for Batista's return to RAW tomorrow night aired.

Pat Patterson was introduced to the crowd and came to the ring. He spoke to the crowd in French. Ziggler interrupted Patterson and made his way to the ring. Patterson made fun of Ziggler, but then told Ziggler that he had a great future and wished him luck. Ziggler took the mic and made fun of Patterson's age. Ziggler then went on to apologize and called Patterson a great guy while pushing him. He then called Patterson a coward and kicked him in the gut. John Morrison ran in and made the save and chased Ziggler out. Kind of a waste of a segment.

WWE Championship "I Quit" Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

The Montreal fans booed both Orton and Cena. Cena started off strong, before missing a flying tackle, allowing Orton to seize control. Orton nailed Cena with a monitor outside the ring, and brought Cena in the ring and went to RKO Cena on a steel chair, but Cena countered and regained the advantage.

At one point, Orton retrieved a set of handcuffs from under the ring and cuffed Cena to the top rope, while wearing the keys to the cuffs on his necklace. He went on to stomp on Cena, who refused to quit. Orton grabbed the mic from the referee, and nailed Cena in the head with it.

Orton then uncuffed Cena from the top rope, and then cuffed Cena's hands together and perched him against the ring post outside of the ring. Orton revived Cena with a bottle of water to quit, but Cena spit the water in his face. Orton grabbed a singapore cane from under the ring and wailed away on Cena. Cnea still refused to quit and low blowed Orton, which allowed him to break free. The crowd is slowly turning to Cena. Cena went to get the keys, but Orton nailed Cena with a chair as he was about to get it. Orton then uncuffed Cena again, and then cuffed him to the bottom rope.

Orton then grabbed a chair and nailed Cena, who still wouldn't quit. He missed another chairshot, and Cena backdropped Orton and got the key and uncuffed himself. Cena then cuffed himself to Orton. Cena put the beatdown on Orton and got him back into the ring. He went for the attitude adjustment, but Orton reversed it into an RKO. Orton went for the key, but Cena got the STF in on Orton in the process and Orton yelled "I Quit".

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship - Submission Match
CM Punk vs. Undertaker

Undertaker got the early advantage, as expected. He tossed Punk around at will.

Punk was able to gain the advantage outside the ring for awhile and land some chair shots, but Taker regained it back in the ring.

Taker went for old school, but Punk was able to kick Taker and land a super plex. Taker quickly turned it around, and went for a chokeslam but Punk was able to kick Taker in the head to get him off. Punk went to grab Taker, but Taker was able to cinch in a Hells Gate and Punk quickly tapped to get the win out of nowhere.

Teddy Long came out and said that the Hells Gate had been banned, and the ban still stands, so the match continues.

Quickly after the match started, Punk got the anaconda vice, and the referee quickly called for the bell even though Taker didn't tap while Teddy Long was standing outside the ring, re-creating the Survivor Series ending in 1997. The match ended with Punk holding the belt up at the ramp as Long looked on.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: CM Punk

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