WWE Breaking Point: WWE Championship - Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

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WWE Championship "I Quit" Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

The Montreal fans booed both Orton and Cena. Cena started off strong, before missing a flying tackle, allowing Orton to seize control. Orton nailed Cena with a monitor outside the ring, and brought Cena in the ring and went to RKO Cena on a steel chair, but Cena countered and regained the advantage.

At one point, Orton retrieved a set of handcuffs from under the ring and cuffed Cena to the top rope, while wearing the keys to the cuffs on his necklace. He went on to stomp on Cena, who refused to quit. Orton grabbed the mic from the referee, and nailed Cena in the head with it.

Orton then uncuffed Cena from the top rope, and then cuffed Cena's hands together and perched him against the ring post outside of the ring. Orton revived Cena with a bottle of water to quit, but Cena spit the water in his face. Orton grabbed a singapore cane from under the ring and wailed away on Cena. Cnea still refused to quit and low blowed Orton, which allowed him to break free. The crowd is slowly turning to Cena. Cena went to get the keys, but Orton nailed Cena with a chair as he was about to get it. Orton then uncuffed Cena again, and then cuffed him to the bottom rope.

Orton then grabbed a chair and nailed Cena, who still wouldn't quit. He missed another chairshot, and Cena backdropped Orton and got the key and uncuffed himself. Cena then cuffed himself to Orton. Cena put the beatdown on Orton and got him back into the ring. He went for the attitude adjustment, but Orton reversed it into an RKO. Orton went for the key, but Cena got the STF in on Orton in the process and Orton yelled "I Quit".

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

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