Backstage News: Shad Gaspard-WWE, Daffney's Injury, JR's Health

Source: The Wrestling Obsever

Daffney was held overnight Sunday night in California for observation after suffering a concussion at the Bound For Glory PPV. That is why she was held off of the TNA tapings this week.

Jim Ross, according to someone close to him, is not having any issues with his voice as it sounds fine.

Shad Gaspard believes he got ill while coming back from Mexico, and that it got much worse on Tuesday, which is why he had to pull out of the Smackdown taping. The WWE doctor gave him a shot of Phenergan on Tuesday which apparently gave him cold chills, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some backstage thought he didn't want to do the job to Matt Hardy and exaggerated the illness because he seemed fine earlier in the day, but he said he must have done a good job faking being well if people thought that.

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