Booker T & TNA Part Ways, Jim Ross Health Update, Snoop/RAW discusses Snoop Dogg hosting Raw, and how it did not help the show's ratings and the rumors that WWE offered Kanye West a lot of money to host the show.

Jim Ross is said to be doing better today since suffering his 3rd Bell's Palsy attack. He saw a neurologist today, but as of now, there is no timetable for his return. We wish him the best.'s latest "Where Are They Now" feature is on Lex Luger.

The latest on Booker T is that the company pulled the latest contract offer to Booker, and that when his current deal is up, he will be done with the company. Booker was not happy with the offer, and that is what led to the drama over the recent weeks, including his refusal to lose to Matt Morgan. That caused an entire TV taping to be re-written. The general feeling within TNA is 'good riddance' as he's been nothing but a major hassle for them in recent months.

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