Bret Hart Says DX Makes Him Sick; Talks Hosting RAW, Orton, TNA, More recently conducted a lengthy interview with Bret Hart where the WWE Hall of Famer discussed a slew of topics including Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, whether he follows WWE's product, possibly hosting a future edition of Raw, TNA, if he'd ever wrestle again, reaction to his book, and more.


Regarding reaction from people within the wrestling industry to his autobiography, Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling, Hart says he hasn't gotten much feedback.

"Surprisingly I haven't heard a great deal back. And I've come to the conclusion..." he pauses, setting it up, "that maybe a lot of wrestlers cannot read a book this big." He laughs but then clarifies that beyond the gentle ribbing he is sure that maybe the book is actually too big for those with a busy travel schedule. "I made sure that books made it to The Undertaker and to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and I am disappointed that I haven't heard anything back from them. I thought I might. But nothing. They're busy I guess, maybe one day I'll hear something but I'm not holding my breath."


When asked if he still keeps up with the WWE product, Hart says he's watched just about every television match The Hart Dynasty have had in the company.

"I'm as proud as can be of them, I think they're all great and they deserve every success and I think they're doing great; they have what it takes to be big stars. I think I've seen just about every match they've had. I catch up on YouTube and my girlfriend has been great at keeping me up to date with their matches if I miss them."

Hart also favors Randy Orton.

"I'm a big fan but I'm a little upset with how he is being used; they're doing the same thing with him over and over and I think they need to change it up, try something new with him." He was sad to see Jeff Hardy bow out recently "because he's just great; but he had an excellent run and he's always exciting."

During the interview, Hart discusses Shawn Michaels quite a bit, noting "Montreal," leaving his seat during his 2006 Hall of Fame induction, and his ghost-written autobiography. While Hart will always praise him as a performer, he is not impressed with him and Triple H endlessly re-running the D-Generation X.

"When I see them I just want to put my finger down my throat; it makes me want to be sick," Hart said.


There are rumors going around saying he may return to host an upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw. Considering Michaels and Hunter still appear on Raw, Hart is asked how he would deal working with them.

"Well, there are rumours, there are always rumours and I am open for offers. But..." and here he drinks in a large pause, "that [seeing Shawn and Hunter] would have to be something that was discussed before hand; we cross that bridge I guess if we come to it."

When asked to give his thoughts on TNA, Hart says "is good for the wrestling, but I'm not so sure about the ridiculous storylines. I don't get it. But they have some great people, I think pound-for-pound A.J. Styles might be the best wrestler in the world today; he's one of them anyway. That's for sure."

When asked if he would ever return to the ring, Hart says "never-say-never because it is the wrestling industry, but it is very unlikely." He adds he'd like to wrestle Kurt Angle if he had one more match, as well as Rey Mysterio and A.J. Styles.

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