? Jerry Jarrett is shooting a TV pilot on November 10 in Nashville, TN at the Nashville Fairgrounds (the former TNA Asylum which will be closing shortly) working with Reno Riggins’ Showtime All-Star Wrestling promotion. The idea is to tape the show and shop it around to make money on domestic and international rights fees. This is the same thing that HDNet is trying to do with Ring of Honor right now and something TNA already obtained years ago. The fact that ROH has yet to make any deals could prove that shopping around a wrestling show internationally is a tough move right now. From a domestic standpoint, it would appear even harder unless an organization had a strong track record, good production values and established names. However, shooting one pilot isn’t a great expense and gives you an idea of the market value.

? As reported earlier, third generation wrestler Lacey Von Erich was hired to replace Angelina Love in “The Beautiful People” faction. The move is considered to be puzzling in a sense that Von Erich isn’t known for her in-ring capabilities, whereas Love was considered the best worker of the group. During her brief time under contract to World Wrestling Entertainment, Von Erich developed a reputation in developmental for “being lazy.” She was sacked within four months. Of the three present members of “The Beautiful People” ? Von Erich, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne ? many feel Rayne is the best worker of the trio. However, they also feel she needs to overcome some confidence issues before she can reach her true potential in the wrestling industry.