Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Lacey Von Erich suffered a strained muscle in her right leg during a pre-show practice session last week and had the leg heavily wrapped.

As noted previously, the third generation wrestler has already rubbed many of her peers the wrong way. She has been described as “another Kerry Von Erich” from a mental standpoint, which means no common sense. Internally, she’s been nicknamed “Rhaka Blonde.” One person said she has no positive qualities for the industry other than her physical appearance as she fits in well with the presentation of “The Beautiful People.” Another person called her “harmless” as her antics have made for good fodder throughout the company.

Many noted that there must be a warning sign if World Wrestling Entertainment would cut someone who looked as gorgeous as her, although the company has done well picking up their scraps. Among those mentioned include Angelina Love and Taylor Wilde, as well as Awesome Kong and ODB, who both tried to join WWE at one point, but felt they had no potential because they didn’t fit into the cookie cutter look they believe all women’s wrestlers should have.