- After giving up his so called racing career Nick Bollea "Hogan" has decided to get in to his dad's business and is beginning to train at the Knokx Pro Academy in California, ran by Rikishi.

- Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat told Bill Apter that he'd be open to wrestle Flair. He said, "I think it would perk up a lot of people. I would certainly love to do it, I know [Ric] would too."

Ric Flair is of course coming out of retirement overseas for the Hulkamania Australian tour. He has generally been against wrestling in the US following his retirement.

- FightLine.com has an article about Tito Ortiz's fight with Mark Coleman for UFC 106 being off. Ortiz said Coleman was "sissying out of the fight", to which Coleman's manager responded, "OK, let's get personal we can all go to our porn collections and watch what Tito sleeps with night after night", alluding to Ortiz's relationship with porn queen Jenna Jameson. For the full comments from both Coleman's manager and Ortiz, as well as details on why the fight is off, check out FightLine.com for all the latest UFC news by clicking here.