Report: Booker T & Umaga Returning To WWE?

As reported yesterday, there was drama backstage at the TNA iMPACT! tapings Monday night as Booker T refused to do a job for Matt Morgan. According to sources, Booker has been telling people for weeks that he will be going back to WWE when his TNA deal expires, which is apparently soon (November). All of this comes after the recent Zurich, Switzerland show where Booker left the ring and refused to go back out and wrestle due to Scott Steiner sparking fans to throw things into the ring. The backstage reaction to that was "good riddance." Word is that Booker feels just like Christian did at the end of his TNA stint, but that Christian handled things more professionally. Some in WWE are already talking about having Booker T back soon.

Former WWE performer Edward "Eddie" Fatu (a.k.a. Umaga) was scheduled to film a "shoot" interview this week, but canceled. Apparently, he feels may be returning to World Wrestling Entertainment. The two-time Intercontinental Champion was released by the company on June 8, 2009 as a result of his refusal to Enter a rehabilitation facility.

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