According to sources, current TNA World Tag Team Champion Booker T is not expected to stay with TNA once his contract expires with the company. Booker, whose deal with TNA is rumored to expire in November (he signed with TNA in November 2007), reportedly refused to put over Matt Morgan at last night’s TNA Impact TV tapings in Orlando and the general feeling among those in the company is that this could have been the “last straw” in his rocky relationship with TNA management as of late.

We’re told Booker made it clear to various wrestlers during last week’s overseas tour and again in the locker room at the TV tapings this week in Orlando that he has options in WWE and intends to return once he is contractually able to do so. While nothing is official of course, TNA sources are indicating that his days with the company could be numbered. The buzz right now is that he will appear at Bound For Glory and drop the TNA tag titles with Scott Steiner at that show or at the tapings that will follow and not be booked again by the company. What this means for the Main Event Mafia group from a TV perspective is anyone’s guess at this point.

This isn’t the first time something negative backstage has taken place with Booker as he has been described as having a negative attitude in the locker room for months now. In regards to the situation with Matt Morgan, he reportedly made it clear he wasn’t happy about this decision when he found out on the overseas tour. While there is said to be no heat between Booker or Morgan, Booker reportedly felt it was a mistake for him to lose the match on TV instead of PPV. Booker was said to have cooled down about it during the tour and had a lengthy conversation with TNA President Dixie Carter on Monday only to turn around the next day and refuse to put Morgan over around 45 minutes before the actual taping. He also created quite the situation during the overseas tour in refusing to wrestle in a main event in Switzerland when fans threw chairs and other objects into the ring. Booker and his wife Sharmell walked out on the match. Sheik Abdul Bashir later came out to replace Booker to conclude the show.

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