According to a source, Mick Foley was the subject of some criticism following the TNA iMPACT! TV tapings last week in Orlando as Foley was reportedly lobbying to change the finish of the iMPACT! main event that aired last Thursday on Spike TV.

The original finish was for Foley to take the pin in a tag match teaming with Kurt Angle against Matt Morgan and Abyss. Foley was able to successfully change the finish where he would call for Dr. Stevie and Daffney to replace him and Angle mid-match. The company went with this finish at the Monday night taping, but it was said to have bombed badly in front of the live crowd.

TNA officials made a decision to reshoot the match at the Tuesday night taping using the original finish with Foley taking the pinfall from Matt Morgan, which is the version that ended up airing on TV. As reported on earlier, there was also an issue with Booker T at the same tapings in also taking a pinfall loss to Morgan, but Booker was said to have caused more issues. We’re told Foley didn’t make a big deal about the reshoot on Tuesday, although one TNA source felt Foley was trying to avoid taking the pinfall adding, “He’s crafty. He knows how to hide behind that nice guy image.”