Report: Mick Foley To Miss Next Week's iMPACT! Tapings

TNA president Dixie Carter announced via Twitter when Desmond Wolfe would be making his TNA Live Events debut. Glad to hear your responses on Desmond Wolfe. His first TNA Live! house shows are Dec 4-6 in Portland, ME, Amherst, MA and Glens Falls, NY.

Mick Foley has a new blog up over on his official MySpace page at this link noting that he will be missing the November 2 TNA Impact taping in Orlando, FL due to a previously scheduled comedy event in New York City at Gotham Comedy. Foley will still however attended the November 3 tapings. Foley also shared a funny story about TNA signing Hulk Hogan. "How's this for a coincidence? Two days ago, I dropped off a book at a local bookstore, asking the store manager if she could get the author who would be arriving for a book signing that evening to sign it for me. About ten minutes after returning home, I received a telephone call from Dixie Carter, telling me that TNA had just signed Hulk Hogan. The author who would be signing books later that evening? None other than the Hulkster." You can get more information on the upcoming "Total Extreme Comedy" tour featuring Foley and Colt Cabana at The tour continues on November 15 in Worchester, MA, November 13 in Middletown, NY and November 25 in Providence, RI.

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