Shane Carwin Talks Brock Lesnar Fight Postponement, Lesnar Mocking Him & More

Our sister site,, has an interview I did with Shane Carwin up. In the interview, Shane Carwin had the following to say about Brock Lesnar dropping out of their UFC 106 fight next month:

Raj Giri: It's been a crazy day for you with Brock Lesnar having to withdraw from UFC 106. What were your thoughts when you heard that your bout with him was going to be postponed?


Shane Carwin: I was pretty disappointed. We have a lot of work put into this fight and it is a huge let down.

Raj Giri: The UFC noted that Lesnar had not been able to train for over a month due to his illness. Had you heard anything about that?

Shane Carwin: Nope, this was news to me. I have been dealing with the flu, a bad leg and started my camp with a broken nose. I hope he heals up and we can give the fans the fight they want to see.

Raj Giri: It's rumored that your bout with Lesnar has been moved to UFC 108 on January 2, 2010. Can you confirm that?

Shane Carwin: I have not heard anything official yet, and until we get a new bout agreement, I just do not have any idea as to what is next. I'm going to help my team get ready for their fights and see what happens.


For the full interview with Carwin, which includes him ripping on Lesnar's past comments directed to him, check out by clicking here.