The Boogeyman Has Been Found, Jannetty-RAW News, Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson spoke to the Houston Chronicle this week and shed some light on her recent hospitalization due to a bad reaction to medicine she took for a thyroid problem. According to Wilson, her "heart was starting to shut down" while she was in San Diego, California. "By the time I reluctantly went to the doctor, I was rushed to the emergency room with numb arms and legs and blue hands," Torrie told the Houston Chronicle. "I was extremely dizzy and nauseous. I still didn't take this seriously until the doctor started freaking out on me." Torrie shot down rumors that she was using abusing prescription pain pills or any other drugs. She's has a history of back problems that forced her to end her wrestling career. "I was not taking prescription pain pills and anything crazy – like the Internet rumors said," she said. "My heart rate was 30 per minute and slowing when I finally got help. I will never take medication without doing research on possible adverse reactions. In a nutshell, that's what happened." Scary stuff, but thankfully she's recovering. To read the entire interview, visit


The guy that Marty Jannetty replaced on Raw last night was TJ Perkins, AKA Puma, who has been working out at WWE developmental but does not have a deal.

Boogeyman, who was missing for a long time and even his good friends didn't know where he was at, has been found and told people he was in Argentina "trying to find the Appalachian Plain".