The Miz/Cleveland Browns, WWE/South Park Video, Manu Note, More has an article up on The Miz wanting to slap around Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini, due to the horrible job he has done with the Browns this year.

Starting at 5 p.m. EST on October 22, 2009, Wrestlers Rescue will be holding an auction starting at $99.99 USD, for a 3 piece set of TNA ring worn Eric Young gear. The funds raised for this will be used to aid "Dr. Death" Steve Williams in his health care costs as he fights cancer cells in his stoma. You can bid on that auction at


Former WWE Superstars Manu, Nunzio, and Kevin Thorn will be at the ISPW SLAMOWEEN show this Saturday night (10/24) at the ISPW Arena, located at 323A Fairfield Road in Freehold, NJ. Other names on the show include former WCW star Crowbar, ECW originals Danny Doring and Julio Dinero, and New Japan's Rick Fuller. For further information, visit

Last night's episode of South Park was the WWE themed episode. The boys go to see wrestling, and decide that it is their calling. But when they find out that the school's wrestling club is not the wrestling they want, they start their own backyard company, "W.T.F.". The episode has "Edge", "John Cena" and "Vince McMahon" appear. You can check out the full episode at