As noted earlier, former TNA World Tag Team Champion Tomko is rumored to be revealed as the mystery person who attacked TNA World Champion AJ Styles in a pre-taped segment that aired on Thursday night’s TNA iMPACT!. It isn’t believed Tomko has signed a long-term deal with TNA but that very well could change shortly. WWE was also said to be interested him. The reports that he had a huge ‘ego’ came from one person and was posted on another website. That is one mans opinion as others said he was just fine and seemed happy to be back with the company.

Last night’s 10/22 TNA iMPACT! did a 1.1 cable rating. This is up from last week’s 0.94 rating and the 1.0 rating from two weeks ago.

Dirty Dutch (Dutch Mantell) has just updated his blog. This week the blog has two entries with one being how the Rock and Roll Express were born. The second part talks about Dutch’s upcoming book, The World According to Dutch and lists the topics and subjects that it contains. Dutch isn’t using a ghost writer and all the chapters in the book are from Dutch and Dutch alone. It is a fascinating read about the earlier days of pro wrestling as viewed through the eyes of the Dirty Dutchman. Dutch lists a number to topics that are included in this book which has to be read to be appreciated. Check it out. Dutch speaks about breaking into the business, his Puerto Rico days, wrestling in Memphis and his epic battles with Jerry the King Lawler and Randy Macho Man Savage plus witnessing firsthand the Curtain Call in Madison Square Garden where the Kliq all hugged each other after wrestling each other earlier in the night. Dutch also reveals how Vince McMahon reacted backstage. Dutch also speaks of being in riots. dressing rooms brawls, wrestling bears, the Andy Kaufman story, wrestling in a maximum security prison, working for WCW, working for Bill Watts, how TNA first got started and who was the idea man behind it, his days in TNA including his creative role. Dutch also takes a firsthand look at how the TNA KnockOut Division was created and the impetus behind it. Dutch also documents the real life heat between Jim Cornette and Vince Russo and how it all started plus a true story of the Undertaker and him being pulled over by Ky. Highway Patrolmen at GUNPOINT. This book is highly recommended for all serious wrestling fans. Check it out. You can check out the blog at

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