UFC 104 PPV Tonight, WWE/PG Update, Ziggler, Morrison, More

The Buffalo News has an article up, promoting Monday's Raw. The discuss WWE going PG, and also include comments from COO Donna Goldsmith and Mark Henry. You can check out the interview at https://www.buffalonews.com/ Here is a comment from COO Donna Goldsmith: "It was edgier in the attitude era. There was a little more blood, and then we realized this was not the way to go. Today we are PG ? definitely family friendly. Our writing teams know the boundaries, and they tell really good stories."


Slam Wrestling has an interview up with Dolph Ziggler, discussing Bragging Rights, Jim Ross battling Bell's Palsy, Shane McMahon leaving WWE, and more. You can check that interview out at https://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/

Slam Wrestling also spoke with John Morrison, in character, about his match with The Miz at Bragging Rights.

This is just a reminder that the UFC 104 pay-per-view is tonight. MMAScoops.com will have live coverage beginning with the pre-lims at 7:30EST.