Welsh wrestler and actor Barri Griffiths, known in the UK as “Barri 10 foot” and “Celtic Warrior,” has been signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Griffiths appeared on the U.K. Gladiators’ television show that featured TNA Wrestling star Brutus Magnus.

In an interview with the UK’s Caernarfon Herald, Griffiths explains how he connected with WWE. “I was preparing for the Paul O’Grady show when someone from the WWE phoned me asking if I could go and see them,” he said. “They were hosting a show at the 02 arena in London at the time so I went down and had a word with them and they said they had an interest in taking me over there.”

He added, “I was overjoyed, I stayed around for a bit of the show and it was nice to see some of the wrestlers in the flesh. I also met Shane McMahon briefly and shook hands with him.”