Backstage Concern Over Edge, 2010 HOF **SPOILER** News

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

? While nothing has been confirmed yet, the names being heavily considered for the Class of 2010 WWE Hall of Fame next year are Ted DiBiase (who is considered to be a strong possibility), The Road Warriors, Demolition and Slick. There were some rumors that The Ultimate Warrior and Lex Luger are under consideration after they were placed on the WWE Alumni page over on Another name that was considered a possibility was The Honky Tonk Man since he is from the Phoenix area. Bob Armstrong is another name that was thrown out on Smackdown recently and seems to be under consideration as well. The actual voting process is done by some of Vince McMahon's closest advisers, but Vince ultimately picks and chooses on his own.


? There is said to be some concern within WWE over Adam "Edge" Copeland and his injury recovery. The hope was that he would make it back before WrestleMania, but as things stand now it doesn't appear to be a lock. Edge stated in a recent interview that this was the worst injury (Achilles heel tendon) he has had to recover from during his career, while others have noted that this is a rare kind of injury where you can't rush back too soon if you are not ready.