Backstage Note From RAW, Cornette/ROH, Ratings Delayed

– As noted earlier, WWE was shooting vignettes at the SD! and ECW tapings on Sunday night. They did so again tonight prior to RAW. They had talent playing SmackDown! vs. RAW 2010 to try and push holiday sales.


– Jim Cornette's debut on ROH television will be a week from tonight on HDNet.

– Due to the holidays, almost all the ratings have been delayed. That's why we are posting them so late.

– I hate to add my opinions inside news posts but what the hell was that RAW? Was it just me or was that show unbelievably horrendous. Good lord. The main event was fine. In their defense, they heavily edited the show as there were numerous court skits scheduled throughout the show. Those never aired (more on why tomorrow) and it seemed like the Henry-MVP-Verne Troyer segment was the filler for that.