Dixie Carter Tweets On Hogan & Moore, Maria & Bella Twins News

– WWE diva Maria Kanellis, rock star Bret Michaels and Sharon Osbourne were shooting footage this week for Celebrity Apprentice at 24 Hour Fitness on 225 5th in New York City. They set up some work out classes in return for charity donations for the show.


– TNA President Dixie Carter made the following comments on Hulk Hogan and Shannon Moore on her Twitter page: Spoke to Hogan who is burning up the road on his book tour. He said, "the TNA response is on fire!" and OK OK. Told Shannon Moore I heard you guys and to call off his fans' tweet campaign to me. I doubt Shannon's TNA days are over.

– The Bella Twins will be appearing at the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas on Saturday. It should be noted that RAW guest host Joey Logano finished third in his SD! vs. RAW car this past weekend.