Hulkamania Tour Results 11.24.09: Perth, Australia

The setup was decent, with a big screen periodically playing backstage vignettes throughout the night and a ring adorned with red and yellow Hulkamania ropes. Music and titantrons were all generic. Crowd was shy to start off with, but got into the show as it went along and were really hot for the main event.

Here are the results:

Match 1 – Rikishi & Brian Christopher def. Rock Of Love

Basic match built around Rikishi setting up and eventually performing the stinkface. It got a decent pop from the crowd. Rikishi sat on a guy for the win. Rikishi, Christopher and the referee danced after the match

Match 2 – Shannon Moore def. Spartan 3000 Matt Cross

It was announced this was the 2nd match in a best of 3 series to win $25,000.Matt Cross has a Spartan warrior gimmick. Moore won with a corkscrew moonsault, tying the series at 1-1. Moore looked good, I could see him fitting in OK in TNA.

Match 3 – Rosey def. Godfather (w/Hos) and Val Venis in a Three Way Dance

Rosey came out in his old superhero gear. According to his titantron, his ring name was Big Daddy Row Row. Val Venis heeled on the crowd before the match. Godfather's Hos got the second biggest pop of the night. Basically Rosey and Godfather teaming up on Val. Funny moment where Rosey was hitting jabs on Val and the crowd chanted S.H.I.T. with each punch. Rosey pinned Val with a samoan drop. Rosey and Godfather left together with the Hos after the match.

Match 4 – Heidenreich & Gangrel & Black Pearl def. Nasty Boys & Eugene (w/Jimmy Hart)

Heidenreich was doing the Heidenwalk. Gangrel did the blood spit. Lots of stalling in this match, the heels got the heat on Eugene as the Nasty Boys pumped up the crowd. Sags looks in really good shape, Knobs not so much. At one point as the heels worked on Eugene, Gangrel screamed Kill that retard!. Probably the worst match of the night. Jimmy Hart doesn't seem to age. Heidenreich ended up pinning Eugene with a sidewalk slam. Nastys teased using some plunder, but didn't deliver.


Bikini Contest - 3 unknowns came out and Godfather hosted. It ended up breaking down into a pillow fight.

Match 5 – Orlando Jordan def. Ken Kennedy

Kennedy did his pre-match mic routine but said Mr Anderson instead. Orlando's theme music has a line saying All the girls love me, and all the guys want to get with me. Probably the best match of the night, they worked well together. Orlando got the pin using the ropes.

Match 6 – Umaga def. Brutus Beefcake (w/Jimmy Hart)

Strange matchup. Very short, with Umaga getting the pin after the Samoan Spike. Brutus sold it big time and was helped to the back afterwards.

Match 7 – Hulk Hogan def. Ric Flair (w/Lacey Von Erich)

Before the match, the ring announcer said this is now No DQ. Deafening reactions for both Hogan and Flair. Hogan came out to the WCW American Made theme music. Both bled heavily very early in the match. Lots of chops to Hogan, he took his only back bump in the match from one of them. Hogan threw Flair off the top rope. Flair did the full moon spot. Orlando Jordan and Heidenreich came out and started beating down Hogan, but the Nasty Boys made the save and also gave Flair Pitty City. Hogan and Flair crowd brawled for a while. At one point Jimmy Hart came out and pulled Lacey Von Erich off the apron, accidentally exposing her ass for a moment. Hogan also gave her an atomic drop. Umaga then came out and beat up on Hogan and gave him the corner splash. Hogan then Hulked up, gave Flair a terrible big boot then clocked him with Jimmy Hart's megaphone for the pin.

Hogan did his posing routine for a few minutes after the match to end the show.

In retrospect, the show was nothing special. The action was basic, and the spectacle of the main event got really cheapened by all the run-ins. However, it was worth it for the chance to see both Hogan and Flair live, especially here in isolated Western Australia.
Here is another report sent in to us:

Hi Ryan

We attended the Perth show of the Hulkamania Tour of Australia at the Burswood Dome.

The first match was Rock of Love Vs Brian Christopher Lawler & Junior Fatu. Rikishi & Grand Master Sexay came out doing their full 2 Cool Gimmick (i swear Lawler was wearing the same gear circa 2000) They cut a backstage promo before the match building up the Stink Face and thats how it finished up Stink Face and the win to 2 Cool who teased the crowd with Fatu pretending to start leaving but Christopher and the crowd convince him to stay they then proceed to boogy down with the ref.

Next up was a 3 way Dance with Big Daddy Row Row Vs Sean Morley Vs the Pimp Father complete with Ho Train. Morely worked heel playing for cheap heat and after mistakenly thinking his prior relationship with the Godfather meant they will team up pimp man gets on the mike and proceeds to inform the crowd while morley has never given is money row row put down a down payment on 4 of is Ho's that night
Row Row gets the pin and he and pimpfather get down with the Hos

The 3rd match was Spartan 3000 Vs Shannon Moore This match was good Spartan 3000 pulled off a nice Shooting Star Press off the turn buckle to land on his feet, Shannon Moore moves ever forward in his attempt to become Jeff Hardy and pulled off some better moves than we've seen from Jeff in years Shannon Moore gets the pin after a crazy twisting moonsault.

Next up was a 6 man tag with Vampire Warrior, Black Pearl and Heidenreich Vs The Nasty Boys & Nick Dinsmore with Jimmy Hart Average match with Eugene providing some Comic relief. The heels get the win with a pin on Dinsmore.

Bikini contest with some skanky chicks no real wrestling involved. Cant remember their names but who cares. No Lacey Von Erich.

Orlando Jordan Vs Ken Anderson. The crowd was really psyched to see Kennedy but he managed to completely botch the finish (sunset flip off the turnbuckle) No wonder WWE sacked him.

Uto Vs Brutus Beefcake It was nice to see Umaga get dominated by someone who isnt Cena this match was quite good Uto won with the Samoan spike. Massive Pop for Umaga.

Finally the Main Event Ric Flair with Lacey Von Erich Vs Hulk Hogan The crowd was very Pro Flair but everyone went crazy for Hulk the match was announced earlier in the night as No DQ and half the locker room came down at various point through out the match Flair and Hogan took it into the crowd and were both bleeding hard almost straight away into the match.

Lacey lost her dress at some point and spent most of the match jumping up and down in her underwear at ringside. We were also treated to a detrunked ric flair we watched it we cant Unwatch it.

Finally Uto ran out and he and Flair began to beat down on Hogan thus enabling the inevitiable Hulk up and Pin.

All in all a great night Much better than the WWE's last outing here good fun was had by all especially i think those in the ring.

Thanks for all your sites Keep it up.

- Jess N Dave