Jim Ross Blog: DX/RAW Commentary, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus

Jim Ross has posted a new blog at JrsBarBQ.com, here are some of the highlights?

On DX's Raw Commentary: DX's commentary on the main event was entertaining. For a former Raw announcer, their remarks were amusing. At least it was a change of pace and was a new element added to the presentation.


On Kofi Kingston: Good to see Kofi Kingston, who's now from his original homeland, continue to get his at bats. Kofi and Orton represent in ring youth which is a really good thing on which to build. Kofi's next few months of TV exposure will be crucial in his development as fans seem to be curious as far Kofi can go. I happen to feel that Kofi has a distinctive upside. However, too many stubbed toes or false starts seem to be the kiss of death with many of today's fans.

On Sheamus: The continued evolution of Sheamus, the big Irish guy with no last name, is something that I'm enjoying. Hopefully, this build will be consistent and not rushed as it is obvious to me that Sheamus, the big Irish guy with no last name, has marketable potential. I like his size, physicality, and obvious toughness and he also has a strong work ethic and desire to not just be a player to be be a main event player. Sheamus is one of the most intriguing personas in WWE right now for my money. Can you imagine how fast Sheamus would progress if he were managed by a red hot, mouthpiece who was relevant in today's marketplace?


On Chris Jericho And The Big Show: Until the duo of Jericho and Big Show lowered the boom on the heroes Monday night, Raw felt like a somewhat, light hearted broadcast which isn't an indictment. I never felt any serious "fan angst" watching the show until the last few in ring minutes. For a PG rated TV show, this feedback isn't unusual or negative. It's simply what it is.

You can read the full blog at JrsBarBQ.com. JR's blogs are always awesome reads. Really good stuff all the time. We also send our best wishes to him and hope the health issues are resolved sooner than later.