Jim Ross Talks Survivor Series, Big Show, HBK, Undertaker & More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JrsBarBQ.com, here are the highlights?

On The Survivor Series Main Events: So it seems that two, Triple Threat bouts for the World and WWE Titles will be the two, main events at this year's WWE Survivor Series. Interesting pairings. Personally, I would like to see these two bouts be made into elimination bouts that get it down to two guys which would throw a different wrinkle into the traditional, Triple Threat bouts and might add enhanced drama when one man is eliminated and the title bouts become 1 on 1. It also seems like the elimination aspect of the Triple Threat bout would add to the "Survivor" theme of the PPV. Just an opinion from a fan who has too much free time on his hands.


On HBK and Undertaker: Two of my goals in wrestling are to broadcast HBK and the Undertaker's last bouts which I get the feeling will not be any time soon. There is no reason for either man to contemplate retirement while the money is huge, they can adequately manage their travel schedules and most importantly that they still love what they do. Obviously, their health overrides every thing but both men seem to be holding up well and can do more with less than the vast majority of their peers. As a matter of fact, most wrestlers try to get too much in their bouts which causes a disconnect with many fans because of the break neck pace where maneuvers and situations mean less and less.

On The Big Show: Yours truly had a great conversation earlier this week with the Big Show who is spending ample time in the New Orleans area working on a WWE Film that he feels is going to be really funny. Show is a big hearted, funny guy and has natural comedic timing from my personal dealings with him over the years. We laughed about one of his "recruiting trips' to WWE where he came to our home in Norwalk, Connecticut for dinner and ate, let's say, an ample amount of wife Jan's apple butter and hot biscuits. Jerry Brisco and myself were the two guys that courted Show when he was thinking of staying in WCW or coming to WWE. I'm happy that we got our man who has the potential to be a huge, box office, wrestling attraction if he is not over exposed. I think the big guy's movie exposure will provide Show with some unique opportunities over time in the film world.


On HBK: Got a wonderful text message from HBK that had me tearing on Friday. What a wonderful spirit and heart possessed by HBK who is arguably the greatest in ring performer currently active in the business. He is for my cash. The man Shawn Michaels has evolved into is a credit to his Faith and his family and would be great for young wrestlers to observe closely. Wrestlers, not unlike any other grouping of talented, insecure, and creative types need leadership on a consistent basis. That includes mentoring, hands on handling of issues and the honesty that it takes to build a sound, long term foundation that promotes individual growth which in turn helps build companies. Those that are in a position to manage significant aspects of the biz need to always remember that their most important assets are their talent and how talents are managed, developed and lead is going to determine the long term success of any company, wrestling or other wise.

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