JR Blog: Ventura/RAW, Sheamus' Big Push, The Rock's Return

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here's what Ross said about:

Jesse Ventura Hosting Raw: "Jesse Ventura did an excellent job as guest general manager ... Jesse looked good, had his usual distinctive, great delivery and, for me, created an interest in checking out his new "Conspiracy Theory" program that debuts soon on truTV. Ventura and McMahon was a fun trip down memory lane and they were, perhaps, the 2nd best broadcast team to appear on Monday Night Raw in a good while as in the summer of '08. Just one man's totally biased opinion. I would have been happy to have flown in and produced the two wrestling legends."


Sheamus' Push: "Sheamus has found himself in a great spot to help begin building his long term foundation in WWE. I read where some pundits felt the incident between the young Irishman and John Cena was "flat." I disagree. Obviously, the crowd sitting in their seats over three hours is challenging, has an influence but isn't the real reason. However, let's all remember that Sheamus hasn't been on Raw in any significant role for, what, a month, 5 weeks? Sheamus has not even been in a long term personal issue with a main event, Raw wrestler yet...until now. Bottom line is that Sheamus' persona is still evolving and the next two weeks and then TLC is highly important to Sheamus' development. At worst, the WWE has made a new, fresh main event for a PPV and from where I sit that is a good thing."


The Rock Saying He'd Work With WWE Again: "I would bet a 6 Pak Challenge and throw in a case of BBQ Sauce that those remarks don't mean that Dwayne is thinking about wrestling again. I do not see that occurring but his appearances could mean an unlimited number of other things that don't include putting on the tights. Time will tell."

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