Krystal Lashley/TNA Update, Tara/Couture, Backstage TNA News

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

? There are said to be no plans as far as a confirmed date to do a match between Tara and Kim Couture in TNA. Couture has a fight coming up on November 20 leaving her unavailable for a match at the Turning Point PPV this Sunday night in Orlando, FL. We're told there is no word at this time how they plan to follow it up other than the original "shoot" idea. There is said to be some realization in the company that it didn't create the buzz they had hoped for (with the exception of a small mention on Both Couture and Tara told MMA websites that it was a shoot and not planned. Vince Russo was at the scene directing it when TNA was filming.


? TNA wants to use Krystal Lashley as an on air character, but have no clue what to do with her. They currently have an angle with Scott Steiner 'stalking' her but who knows where it'll go from here.