Linda McMahon/Senate Update, Davey Richards/WWE?, & More

Linda McMahon is currently second in the race for the Republican nomination for the Connecticut Senate election. She is currently polling at 17% of the vote, behind Rob Simmons who is at 28%.

Indy wrestler Davey Richards (who wrestles for Ring of Honor and other indy promotions) has a new blog up on his official MySpace noting that there is some possible interest his way from WWE. "This year many have said I've had more great matches then anyone, vs. KENTA, vs. Danielson, vs. SHINGO, vs. Omega, vs. Strong, ect. Even WWE has come knocking. But no one understands why, it's not for attention I do this, it's not for money, it's not for notoriety. It's for my beliefs, my morals, my creed. I am a man who belives hard work must be rewarded and laziness must be punished. I've simply walked away from places before who I feel have not shared this moral with me."