Major Perry Saturn Update

For those wondering, Perry Saturn is indeed alive. A photo recently surfaced on of the former wrestling star standing alongside a woman by the name of Lisa Kuhlemeier, whom he's believed to be married to. While he's gained a bit of weight, it's clearly him.


Saturn, whose real name is Perry Alfred Satullo, had disappeared from sight for years, to the point that his children had no idea where he was. His closest friends in the Boston area had presumed he died when no one could find or contact him, particularly after the death of his mentor, Walter "Killer" Kowalski. While Triple H was Kowalski's most famous student and the one initially expected to enjoy the most success, Satullo was said to be his favorite student. The two were very close at one point and he would have been a pallbearer had he attended his funeral. Anyway, there was no record anywhere of Satullo passing away sans a false story online, though it alarmed a few of his friends.

More recently, it had been rumored that the former WCW tag team champion was living in Albert Lea, Minnesota, but attempts by his family and many others to confirm his whereabouts always came up fruitless.