Mick Foley/The Daily Show Note, Mark Cuban/RAW Note, Bourne

Mick Foley appeared on The Daily Show last night. He appeared in a vignette during a news piece about a child who was refusing the recite the Pledge of Allegiance. In the segment, he was billed as the "Head Asskicker" and protection for the child who had refused to pledge until there was equality for gays and lesbians. He wore a TNA t-shirt during the appearance.


ESPN.com has an interview up with Mark Cuban where he talks about why he is guest hosting RAW. Cuban mentioned that he has worked with WWE in the past and considers Vince McMahon a friend.

Evan Bourne vs. Paul Burchill is being advertised for the RAW house show in Charlottesville, VA on November 29th.

Sheamus will be doing a Q&A on the WWEUniverse Survivor Series Live Chat on Sunday.