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On December 20th, WWE will be taping Smackdown in Orlando, Florida, this is a Sunday and they are taping early for the holidays. This is also the same day as the TNA Final Resolution PPV. The shows will take place roughly 15-minutes apart.


Former Raw hosts Kyle Busch & Joey Logano will be racing in their WWE card this weekend. On Friday, SPEED is airing the practice runs at 10AM, and then the qualifying at 6:30PM. On Saturday, the race airs on ESPN 2 at noon. Jerry Lawler will give the command to start engines, while R-Truth and Bella Twins will be guests of Kyle and Joey's teams.

The WWE website has added a profile on ring announcer Lauren Mayhew to its ECW section.

Michelle McCool was on Smarter Then a 5th grader. McCool fell back to $2,500 twice on the show. In the final question she had $12,000 going in. McCool went for the final question for $125,000 if she got it wrong she would fall down to $2,500. The question was "What Animal is featured on the great seal of the United States? McCool answered "The Great Seal". The correct answer was The Bald Eagle. The show donated $2500 to the Make A Wish Foundation for her.