Report: Bobby Lashley Considering Leaving TNA Wrestling?

In an interview with, TNA Wrestling star and MMA fighter says he'd strongly consider walking away from pro wrestling if he was offered an exclusive deal with Strikeforce.

"If it does come to a point where you have to choose, then I'll have to sit back and talk with my family. I want to fight," Lashley said. "TNA is at the understanding where they know my dedication with fighting. If (Strikeforce CEO Scott) Coker comes back and says you have to quit wrestling, then we'll have to cross that bridge."


TNA offered Lashley great money to work a reduced schedule and they understand that fighting is his top priority.

Lashley professional MMA record is 4-0, most recently defeating Bob Sapp on June 27th. There were reports over the summer that Strikeforce was negotiating with Bobby Lashley to fight Fedor Emelianenko at last weekend's CBS event. Lashley declined the high profile fight because he didn't think he'd have enough time to train properly, but Strikeforce is interested and can certainly use another rising star with name value in their heavyweight division.