Rhaka Khan On Kurt Angle: 'He Abused Me A Few Times'

As noted earlier here on the website, all remaining charges against Kurt Angle were dismissed today after a Pennsylvania judge dismissed the charges of assault and harassment stemming from an alleged incident on August 6 involving Angle's ex-girlfriend Trenesha Biggers.


The assault and harassment charges against Kurt Angle were dropped today by judge Mary Murray due to Angle's ex-girlfriend continuing to stay at his house for nine days after the alleged incident took place. Both parties signed a document acknowledging an incident took place.

The judge reportedly dismissed the charges without enough evidence that bruises and scratches were brought on her by Angle. "She's a professional wrestler. She left the state, went to Florida for a period of time. We don't know how she got those bruises, but we can tell you, they were not at the hands of my client," said Michelle Santicola, Angle's lawyer.

Angle broke down crying when the charges were dropped. "I've never hit a woman and never would," Angle told reporters. "I was brought up by my mother that way, and I had to go through this."


Biggers claims Angle abused her "a few times" and she feared for her life. "The first few times that it happened, I believed that, 'Maybe this won't happen any more.' But at this point in time, I was like, the next time that this happens, I could die." Biggers said. She added that she felt "terrified" of Angle when they were living together in Angle's home outside of Pittsburgh.