Rikishi's Sons In WWE?, Hogan vs. 'Taker, NASCAR/WWE, More

Clark sent this in: After his victory at Texas Motor Speedway in the Smackdown vs Raw 2010 car, Kyle Busch held up a replica of the WWE championship belt saying "we out wrestled all these other guys."

Randy Johnson sent in these notes from FCW: Jonathan and Joshua Fatu, the sons of Rikishi (and nephews of Umaga), were working under the Tag Team name "The Samoan Soldiers" on the Georgia Independent scene in January of this year. Jonathan Solofa Fatu & Joshua Samuel Fatu (full names) are twins both born August 22, 1985. Jonathan Fatu received a WWE developmental contract, and began working in FCW under the name "John Fatu". His ring name has since been changed to Jimmy Uso. Jimmy Uso is NOT Pate Fifita (son of Haku) or Reon Mahima as many suspected, it's John Fatu.

The November 7th, 2009 edition of WWE Vintage Collection on The Score featured these matches:

* The Million Dollar Man, The Honky Tonk Man, Greg Valentine & The Undertaker vs. Dusty Rhodes, The Hart Foundation & Koko B. Ware from WWF Survivor Series 1990
* The Ultimate Warrior, The Rockers & Jim Neidhart vs. Andre The Giant, Haku, Arn Anderson & Bobby Heenan from WWF Survivor Series 1989
* Hulk Hogan vs. The Undertaker from WWF Survivor Series 1991

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