SD! Match Airs Twice This Week, Ziggler's Thankful For?, RAW

– Friday night's airing of SmackDown! in the UK cut out CM Punk's promo reintroducing Festus as Luke Gallows because it violated the country's advertising laws as a result of the Straightedge Superstar plugging WWE's upcoming DVD release on Jeff Hardy. To make up for lost time, they aired the Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho match twice.


– In this week's edition of SmackDown After the Bell on, Dolph Ziggler says what he's thankful for.

– Here is the TV Guide preview for next Monday's episode of RAW: New, (TV-PG,V), Verne Troyer is the guest host. Also: John Cena and DX. (Pro Wrestling), (V=Moderate Violence).