**SPOILERS** Full WWE SmackDown! Results For Friday


1) R-Truth defeated CM Punk by disqualification. Luke Gallows (the former Festus) grabbed Truth's leg for the disqualification. After the match Punk and Gallows lay Truth out to a chorus of boos.


- Undertaker calling out Batista is hyped as our main event.

2) Kane defeated Mike Knox

3) Mickie James defeated Beth Phoenix and Natalya in a No. 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match. Michelle McCool and Layla are out on commentary for this match. Decent Diva's Match. Phoenix hits the Glamslam on Natalya as she tries to lock Mickie in the Sharpshooter, and Mickie kicks Phoenix out of the ring to steal the pin.

After the match Mickie cuts a promo on Michelle and attacks her at ringside. When the numbers game takes over Maria makes her return to make the save. Mickie and Maria celebrate in the ring afterward.

- Backstage, Batista complains to Teddy Long about Undertaker calling him out. Teddy informs Batista that he will be facing Rey Mysterio in a Street Fight next week on SmackDown.


4) Drew McIntrye defeated John Morrison in a non-title match. McIntrye tries to cut a promo on Morrison before the match but is jumped. The match fluctuates between mat wrestling and brawling. McIntrye eventually crawls under the ring, and when Morrison goes after him McIntyre pulls his arm causing Morrison to bust his head on the ring apron. McIntrye gets Morrison back in the ring to hit the underhook DDT for the win.

- CM Punk and Luke Gallows cut a promo backstage discussing Gallows' transformation. Gallows asks us to accept CM Punk as our Saviour.

- Vickie Guerrero comes out to address Eric Escobar. I always thought those reports that said "I had a hard time hearing what she was saying because of all the heat" were exaggerating. They weren't. She says she wants Escobar to apologize to her. Escobar comes out and apologizes for ever having met her, for seeing her in lingerie, etc. Vickie books him in a Handicap Match against the Hart Dynasty.

5) Hart Dynasty defeated Eric Escobar in a Handicap Match following a springboard Hart Attack. After the match David Hart Smith held Escobar for Vickie to slap.

6) Jeri-Show defeated Cryme Tyme in a non-title match. Jericho did all the heavy lifting for his team. JTG and Jericho both make the tag at the same time, but the second Big Show enters the ring he punches Shad Gaspard and it's over. You could see some tape or something on the knee Show had the work done on.


- Undertaker made his entrance to call out Batista. As he was making his entrance he was jumped by Batista with a steel chair. Batista demolished Taker, hitting him and choking him with the chair all around ringside. He finished with a spinebuster on the chair in the ring. Taker never even got a token comeback.

Dark Match

1) Undertaker defeated Batista and CM Punk in a Triple Threat Match to retain the World Heavyweight Title. Taker continued to sell the beating. Chris Jericho came down to make it a three-on-one until Kane made the save. Taker and Kane delivered stereo chokeslams to Batista and Jericho and Taker gave Punk the Tombstone for the win. After the match Kane chased Punk and Jericho to the back (complete with Punk's cartoon running) while Batista slunk away. Taker posed in the ring and on the ramp to end the show.