The Miz Tweets While Being Pulled Over For A Traffic Violation

WWE Raw Superstar Mike "The Miz" Mizanin was pulled over by a police officer while driving on Saturday night and wrote about the situation on Twitter as it unfolded.

"Just got pulled over. This always happens to me. Let's see if I can get just a warning. Prob not though never that lucky," said Miz regarding the encounter, presumably related to a minor traffic offense (such as speeding).


He later added, "And the verdict is in?.not guilty. Well actually I was guilty but was let go with a warning. See there r nice cops out there."

While getting pulled over for a minor traffic is not a huge deal (especially when he didn't even receive a ticket), Miz's Twitter postings seem to represent the kind of publicity WWE wanted to avoid when they supposedly told their superstars to limit their Twitter use and not post anything controversial.