TNA Wrestlers' Reactions To Hogan & Bischoff, Russo, More

Credit: The Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

The news of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff is being greeted with a "wait and see" attitude from within TNA. The expectations from those within the industry is ranging from a short-term deal all the way to an ownership stake of TNA.


At one point Hogan and Bischoff were seeking a stake in ownership during a previous negotiating stint with the company, however TNA turned that idea down.

There is a wide range of emotions amongst the wrestlers in the company about the news. More than one wrestler has expressed fear that TNA would become all about Hogan and friends, such as Brutus Beefcake and The Nasty Boys. However, others have expressed optimism that the duo of Hogan and Bischoff could open new doors in the business world for the company. Some wrestlers were excited by the possibility of working with Hogan in the ring, even if it means putting him over.

The biggest fear with most of the wrestlers in TNA is that the company will become like WCW, in that older wrestlers receive almost all of the spotlight. It's been described as a "roller coaster" for the TNA roster by one source, since it felt like they were finally getting their chance to shine when Vince Russo was put in charge of creative and he made it clear he was going through with his youth movement. So far the movement is being labeled a success within the company, as Russo has pushed the three names Dixie Carter gave him (AJ Styles, Matt Morgan and Hernandez) to create into new marquee names.