WWE Survivor Series: WWE Championship - John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

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Triple Threat WWE Title Match
John Cena (c) vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels


Unlike Jerishow earlier, D-X came to the ring together. During the ring introductions, D-X got the big reactions, while Cena got a mixed reaction, with more cheers than booes. Michael Cole virtually guaranteed that Cena would lose the match, so he's retaining.

HBK started the match out by hitting sweet chin music on Triple H and knocking him out of the ring! HBK got a huge reaction for that. Michaels and Cena then worked the next several minutes of the match. The match then went outside of the ring, and Triple H hit a spinebuster on HBK through a table!

Triple H then threw Cena back in the ring while HBK is out outside of the ring. Finally, Cena was about to hit Triple H with the Attitude Adjustment, but HBK came back in the ring and nailed Cena. HBK and HHH stood face to face, and Michaels hit HHH with chops and two inverted atomic drops while knocking Cena outside of the ring.


The match is now HHH vs. HBK in the middle of the ring while Cena is outside of the ring. HHH was able to hit a spinebuster on Michaels and went for a pedigree, but Michaels countered. Michaels went to the top for a flying elbow, but Cena blocked him and then went to the top for a flying legdrop on HHH, but missed. Michaels then landed a flying elbow on Cena, HHH threw Michaels outside of the ring and Cena got HHH in the STF. He held the hold in for several minutes, but then Michaels came in and put Cena in the crossface. Crowd is super hot for this match.

Cena was able to get Michaels up on his shoulders and managed to get HBK in the STF, but Michaels was able to make it to the ropes. HBK followed up with sweet chin music on Cena, then hit sweet chin music on HHH, who landed on Cena as Michaels fell out of the ring. HHH was only able to get a three count as the crowd went wild.

Cena was then able to hit the attitude adjustment on HHH as Michaels started climbing back into the ring. Cena and HBK crawled towards HHH, and both men covered HHH, but HHH kicked out at two. Michaels slowly grabbed Cena and got back to his feet and went for SCM, bit was blocked. Triple H went for the pedigree, bit got superkicked. Cena then hit the attitude adjustment, and then covered HHH to get the three count! Great match with a hot crowd.


Winner and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena