A Very Eerie Ken Anderson Trivia Note, Spike Dudley Turns 39, Umaga

– In light of former WWE wrestler Edward "Umaga" Fatu's passing this past Friday, the official website of CNN has posted an article examining the rigors of the professional wrestling industry and the startling number of young grapplers to have died prematurely. Also note, it features two former WWE Divas in Dawn Marie Psaltis and Terri Runnels weighing in on the matter at hand.


– In an eerie trivia note, both Eddie Guerrero and Umaga wrestled their final matches against Ken Anderson. Both grapplers would pass away mere days after facing the former Mr. Kennedy. On a somewhat related note, former WWE wrestler Armando Estrada wrestled his retirement match against Anderson last night in Milwaukee.

– WWE Hall of Famer Nick Bockwinkel is celebrating his 75th birthday today. The four-time AWA World Heavyweight Championship was born on December 6, 1934. Also note, former WWE Cruiserweight champion Spike Dudley turns 39.