As noted earlier today here on the website, Eddie “Umaga” Fatu has passed away.

I’m told that WWE is working with Fatu’s family and there may be a service on Tuesday or Wednesday. A lot of the crew would be able to attend since SmackDown! is being taped in Houston, TX next week. RAW is being taped in Dallas. Fatu was living in Spring, TX, a Houston suburb, and lived near Shelton Benjamin, Shad Gaspard, MVP and The Great Khali. He was also business partners with Charlie Haas.

WWE issued an announcement regarding Fatu’s passing earlier this evening. We’ve posted that here on the website.

I received an email from a top TNA talent earlier today which brought up an interesting point. My source noted: No one has mentioned the (economy class syndrome) that causes blood clots on long flights, and there is no longer flight than Australia.

There are many people within the industry that are very upset about the passing. Although Fatu has had past issues with drugs, everyone I’ve talked to today is saying that he was a fun-loving guy with a great sense of humor who you loved being around.

I hope we’ve done an OK job of covering this story today. We’re getting everything confirmed before we post it due to the sensitive nature of this story. There is never anything good that comes out of covering a death and it sucks to have to report on them to be honest. Thanks for your continued support of the website and hopefully our coverage has been OK for you all. It’s been a crazy day in the office.

On behalf of everyone on the site, we want to send our deepest condolences to Eddie Fatu’s friends and family.