Candice Michelle Nearly Passes Out, Jeff Jarrett Note, HBK, & More

-- Candice Michelle was scheduled to appear at Go Daddy's annual holiday party last weekend, but had to cancel after nearly passing out while boarding her flight to Arizona. "Well, as excited as I was for the Go Daddy xmas party, I was unable to make it! I came down with a cold (or, as I call it, a healing crisis) a few days before, and tried to push through," Michelle wrote in her latest blog. "I made it to the airport, checked my luggage, and got to the front of security where I almost passed out! I realized that it was neither wise nor responsible while being preggos to go to the party. I also didn't wanna spread my illness to anyone." I was really looking forward to being there and wearing my gown over my little poochy belly," Michelle added. "I did, however, get a chance to talk to Lilian Garcia who sang the national anthem again for Go Daddy, and at least hear about all the wonderful festivities. My spirits were there to say the least!"

-- In today's wrestling birthdays, Takeshi Rikio turns 37, Gran Akuma turns 30 and Tarzan Boy 36.

-- has posted the latest edition of WWE En Espanol.

-- The December 19th, 2009 edition of WWE Vintage Collection on The Score featured these matches from WWF In Your House on July 23rd, 1995: The Roadie vs. The 1-2-3 Kid, Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett, and Diesel vs. Sycho Sid. Also shown was Jeff Jarrett performing "With My Baby Tonight" and the revelation that The Roadie actually sang the song, not Jarrett.

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